House GOP to Introduce Articles of Impeachment Against Biden Secretary of State

U.S. Department of State from United States, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

The House GOP is now reportedly set on taking the unprecedented set of introducing articles of impeachment against current US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken after a terrorist attack on the Kabul airport resulted in the deaths of 13 US service members on Thursday.

As Fox News reports:

FIRST ON FOX: Two House Republicans are introducing articles of impeachment on Friday, arguing that Secretary of State Antony Blinken failed to properly advise the president and abandoned American interests in Afghanistan.

“Secretary Blinken has failed to faithfully uphold his oath and has instead presided over a reckless abandonment of our nation’s interests, security, and values in his role in the withdrawal of American forces and diplomatic assets from Afghanistan,” reads the articles.

They add that “[i]n direct conflict with the intelligence and advice provided by his own diplomats and the intelligence community, Secretary Blinken failed to advise and counsel the President accordingly and did not inform the Congress nor American citizens at home and abroad of the dangers.”

The move by Rep Ralph Norman, R-S.C., and Rep Andy Harris, R-Md., comes as many Republicans have called for some level of accountability for the attacks that left 13 U.S. service members dead Thursday.

In a tearful speech on Thursday afternoon Biden attempted to take full responsibility for the debacle, but will there be any actual accountability? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

    1. This is not Impeaching Biden, but Impeaching his Secretary of State! This is like cocking your gun but not having bullets in it!
      THE IMPEACHMENT MUST BE OF BIDDYBOY BIDEN FIRST AND FOREMOST, NOT HIS LACKY SECRETARY OF STATE! If Biden was a good intelligent president, he would have been on top of the entire evacuation operation, but he is feebleminded and his brain cannot concentrate on any subject for very long. Biden’s administration is as lame as he is because he picked these people! When he is incompetent, he will choose incompetent people or people that he likes, not necessarily those trained or capable of making good choices, i.e. Afghanistan!

      The GOP is “deflecting” responsibility for the Afghanistan debacle by going after the Secretary of State instead of Biden. This is 100% wrong! The GOP MUST EXERT ITS MANHOOD AND IMPEACH BIDEN AND STOP PLAYING GAMES! If they do not do that, the GOP will lose all credibility and the American people will no longer trust them…nor trust our Country!

      This is huge but most Americans refuse to see what actually is going on. Sad for America, sadder for the American people.

      1. She may try but several Democrats are upset by this mess. She may realize her jeopardy should she try to block. I have hopes

        1. Hopefully the democrats have lost a ton of their support, and the Tech oligarchs need to butt out and Stand-Down!! Millions need to close their Facebooks accounts, Twitter, don’t use Google, etc. try a moderate search engine!! Need to impact their bottom line!

      2. She needs to be impeached, a traitor!!! A running dog-for the CCP!! A sell-out of the United State and it’s citizens!!

      3. Yes, she has no moral compass so what would you expect? What is this type doing in any reputable government office. When I worked with Government on NASA and defense launches, all they did was run “ethics” down in our throats constantly to make sure we behaved, now look at them. Too busy wasting time being “woke” and pitting peoples’ skin color against one another!!

    1. Was just about to post that.
      We need the house and Senate next year to impeach old/senile/corrupt joe.
      Bring on ON HER KNEES KAMEL TOE.
      Then people can really see how dumb she really is.

  1. Yes! But they’re waiting to long to act. The whole administration should be impeached and thrown out as soon as possible before further damage to our country and our reputation.

    1. Elisa, I hear you. But, I think you know that’s not possible. For the first time in quite a while, I actually believe that the Republicans are doing a pretty good job. However, we don’t control either house. Therefore, our hands are tied.
      Let’s get out and change that next year.

      1. You are correct but factor in the greed. Some Dems will side with us in an effort to keep their seat. Pretty much everyone is POed and know this was wrong

        1. Be aware, and I mean BE WARE of the KKKRAKAS in sheep’s clothing. They sound like moderate Dems. Then, they get to WA and lose they way and will tow the line with the party. Please don’t vote for these people.

        2. What good does it do when you have turned your country over the Marxist Communist country that will control everything you do!! Hang on to that cell phone iPhone!!! All the money in the World won’t fix that mess!

      2. Hopefully if they will finish the election audits, and any senate, representative’s or local votes found not correct, will be able to fix and correct it on the down votes, They find errors quite often and have to change the results like local candidates’ votes, except the presidential vote!! Yet!!!

    2. The Biden administration was NOT elected by the Will of the American people and an honest election, it was stollen. Therefore, everything they do will be against them.

      1. You are correct. The election was full of fraudulent votes for Biden that have been discovered by Seth Keshel an election analyst. He uncovered 8.1 million fraudulent votes as reported by The Continental Daily. It is a disgrace the SCOTUS did not abide by its Constitutional duty and heard the evidence. With some luck maybe the SCOTUS will still hold Biden accountable since he continues to violate America’s immigration laws and ignores their rulings.

    1. To late. We all know he’s inept and incapable of performing the duties of the leader of the free world. We and the whole world can see it!
      Only the leftist, UNINFORMED voters choose to ignore it.

        1. He who laughs last laughs longest. REAL Americans NEVER back down. Remember the Red Coats told the Revolutionaries to lay down their guns. The Revolutionaries shot them.

  2. The Democrats don’t care 🤷‍♂️ about what happened in Afghanistan. They wanted it to happen. They’ve armed, funded and emboldened every terrorist group on Earth to attack Israel and persecute Christians. The Dems are using them as ‘useful tools ’ just like they use groups of people in the United States. Salinsky – author of ‘Rules for Radicals’ – would be impressed!

  3. The fault really lies with the 10’s of millions of Americans who voted for Biden knowing he is not mentally fit to handle the job as well as Biden’s family for not keeping him from bringing shame on himself.

    1. “tens of millions of Americans?” No, they did not vote for Biden. The demonrats rigged the election. It is what they do best.

  4. Biden? Take full responsibility? Biden doesn’t even know where he is most of the time! The lame brain should be in a padded cell, along with all the other lame brains (and rigged machines) that voted for him!

  5. The responsibility of providing safety for all Americans and their families is by the “Commander In Chief”. That being said, this would be Joe Biden for making commitments with the Taliban. Joe Biden should be impeached for his inability to provide safety for 13 Americans.

    1. Not just the thirteen military men lost, but the 330 Million American Citizens here at home who are now at risk of a terror attack.

    2. The buffoon gave them all the weapons, computers and information on the Americans that was at the air base. And names of all the Afghanistan’s who worked for them.

  6. It is a justifiable action if there ever was one! Whether or not it goes anywhere is moot but someone needs to let this administration know that there will be accountability for the failures in leadership that precipitated this debacle and left a black eye on the U.S.’s image worldwide! I’m sure our allies are re-thinking their assumptions that the U.S. will ALWAYS have their backs should the bad guys come calling!

  7. thank you Ralph Norris and Andy Harris!! you have our full support and I hope other members come on board!

  8. No one will be held accountable from these rotten ass Democrats.. Hypocrites and POS . If this was a Rebukicsn President he would be impeached . Biden, Harris and thus rotten bitch Pelosi should all be impeached then arrested

  9. The way I see it, the DEMs with the help of the RINOs stole the election. Let them deal with f–cking China joe biden!!!


    1. One step at a time, folks are talking impeach harris already and do you think Pelosi would last very long? she is already above her ability

    2. If we can win the House and Senate in 2022 we will be in control again. Then start kicking azz and taking names. Schiff, Swalwell, the Squad, etc. refuse them any part in policy making and investigate the HELL out of them, especially the lying, anti-American Squad.

  11. Give me a break. Biden did not attempt to accept “full” responsibility. At best, he accepted “some” responsibility, then proceeded to try to point the finger at Trump, playing politics. This is not the time for “playing politics” as Psaki stated. I did not see any tears either. I saw a man arrogantly walk off the set and ignore reporter questions. While they are workign to impeach the SOS, tell them to work to impeach the blumberer in chief, and his hyena, Harris.

  12. Biden was VP when the leadership of ISIS were released from Gitmo.They are his responsibility, along with obama

  13. The entire Cabinet needs to go!… Especially Winkin’ (Psaki) Blinkin’ (Blinken), and Nod (Biden) need to account!

    1. Don’t forget the puppet handlers, the revengeful one, that hates America per his father he was around approximately 1 month of his life. Just enough time to get a kid filled with hate!!

  14. These is nuts. As much as think this administration is incompetent there is no bases for impeachment. What high crimes and misdemeanors did he commit?

    1. Dereliction of duty for one, High crimes, not upholding his constitutional oath, to protect and the United States, it’s people from all enemies, foreign and domestic, shall I continue?
      The 25th Amendment could be used in a heart-beat!!

  15. We’re screwed no matter what. Impeach Biden, then look who you would get, That worthless V.P. Harris! We can’t win. How did we ever get to this point? Don’t blame me, I voted for Trump.

      1. I for one have held out hope that Trump will be back to straighten out what biden has screwed up. Hopefully it will be sooner than later. Everyone needs to be vocal and optimistic that the right will prevail.

  16. Biden !!!!?????
    He does not even know what happened let alone have tearful eyes of regret- He did not feel that way when he allowed the attacks on our elections, our US citizens with his blatant disregard for secretly distributing mega thousands of Covid infected illegals being moved all across America and this is just a start of how many people he has directly or indirectly caused Americans to get sick and also many die from Covid. He is beyond disgraceful.

  17. He certainly should be impeached, and Pelosi should have absolutely nothing to say about it. She doesn’t know anything about the military, and the way they operate.

    1. Milley needs to go, along with Floyd Austin, Tony Blinken, the chief pot stirrer, Bishop Garrison, all actually, CIA Director Bill Burn, all are compromised!! to the hilt!!

  18. Look at the Times these liberals tried to Impeach President Trump over a stupid phone call where no fault was found, they were the ones colluding with the Russians, China, and Iran……..Biden has totally betrayed this country, the sovereignty of the United States, Military, and Allies.

  19. What happens to a soldier when he is guilty of dereliction of duty? Does the commander in suffer the same?

  20. I’m sorry, but the buck stops at Biden, not his Secretary of State! If Biden was a COMPETENT PRESIDENT, he would have been on top of the entire evacuation, but his incompetency removes that ability!


    If the GOP does not get it together and put forth Articles of Impeachment against Joe Biden, Americans will lose FAITH in the GOP and then FAITH in our Country to do what is right and necessary! Come on GOP! Get the courage you need, but for the Love of God, IMPEACH BIDEN FOR INCOMPETENCY!

    GOP: YOU know our Nation would NEVER be in this mess if the LEGITIMATE PRESIDENT WAS IN OUR WHITE HOUSE! So do what is necessary to REMOVE BIDEN AND HIS ADMINISTRATION FROM OUR WHITE HOUSE AND D.C.! Do this now so President Trump can assume his legitimate place in our Oval Office — and FIX THIS DEMOCRAT NIGHTMARE!!

    Come on GOP! GET SOME CLANGORS AND DO THIS NOW! Do not wait! This is critical!

  21. Introduce the articles, but don’t expect them to go anywhere. Not unless something crops up that the democrats must run away from, like a closet past as a child molester.

  22. Take back the house and the senate then impeach as many dim bulbs as possible. Once that is done the other bulbs will tuck their tails between their legs and cower in the corner. Every Conservative needs to get politically active and get Conservatives at all levels of government elected – local, state and national. There are more Conservatives than dims. Use the strength in numbers Conservatives have/

    1. I call Senators and Representatives a lot. I will ask them if they have received any calls about an issue and if they ask for my zip code I will give the one for the area I am calling.

  23. From a post below that stated “the Republicans hands are tied”, I say, move forward no matter the prevailing winds. Who knows, there may be 5-6 Dems that are fed up with the steep decline this President and his administration has taken this country in 8 months. If they want to vote against this country, then let their votes show it and they can reap what they’ve sown in terms of the the next election. Let’s start playing hard ball with the Dems because we see what happens to the country in a heartbeat when we’re not in the game at all. If we don’t, then this country’s downfall will be partially our fault also and I’m not about to let that happen. I don’t care if they don’t like me. My life is more than who likes me. Let’s let our politicians of all stripes know we will not go down without a fight. I’m not going to be a Joe Biden and give the country away.God bless the United States of America.

  24. t keeps getting worse& worse .Usually the “other shoe” drops on a Friday for the Sunday “news””talking heads” to spin. Well NOBODY can spin this disaster! We now can deduce that the Dems are in cahoots with anyone who HATES the USA. Let anybody “in” over the border with or without a mask or covid testing. Too boot house ANYBODY in any army or AFB so “they” can blow us up from within.Get rid of the police & surplus big wheel vehicles to help in flood zones so Americans can die when flooded out.The “best” is to give our enemies our latest weapons so “they” can use ALL this “stuff” against us! Believe in Armgeddon & the Apocalypse. WE reliving it now!

  25. Blinken is not the only one who needs to lose his job, Sec/Def Austin, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Milley, both Biden and Harris need to be gone also.

  26. This entire administration should be jailed not impeached, is treason not a thing anymore? Askin for a friend.

  27. If any democrats support this effort it be just to protect biden by giving him an excuse for his failure. They will claim he was miss advised.

  28. Why are you initiating impeachment proceedings against Blinken and not Biden.? No guts. Biden and Harris are the ones that need to go

  29. These are pointless doings. Nothing is going to happen to the secretary of state. The House and Senate are run by Democrats. This is just political BS. Start with 2022 and elect Republicans to replace the Democrats. Then you can do something. Am very tired of the political BS happening in our country. It’s about America, not either party. We need real political change in this country starting with term limits, no pension unless they pay and making them go onto Medicare and Social Security. Until that happens we have two classes of citizens, the politicians and everyone else.

  30. Biden needs to be impeached along with Kamalhead and Peloscum. If any one of these could not see the debacle their actions in Kabul would produce, thne not one of them has enough common sense to even wipe their butt let alone represent the USA and Americans. Afghanistan is not the only debacle they are well into bringing upon us while they vote to print more money to cover their asses on immigration and the economy – not fix our infrastructure for which they do not even have a plan –

  31. Biden, Ho Harris, Pelosi, Bliken, 2 dudes so call generals Critical Race Clowns, and Rice and Obama need to face Martial Court then nobody can worry that Curricula de Vile aka Pelosi will stop impeachment. This is TREASON with capital T. And the fact that nobody was even FIRE for killing 13 Americans, our Alley for leaving equipment worth billions and billions dollars for our enemy for giving our Citizens their families information is simply appalling. I the same time take care of Terrorist org in our home land BLM, ANTIFA, MEDIA Social and otherwise, others like Soros for instance.

  32. Remember, McConnell said they wouldn’t impeach Biden, even though Biden has aided and abeded the enemy by leaving them military equipment to use on the rest of the nations, and left Americans to die in Afghanistan.

  33. Boy not just one person needs to be punished but everyone that servers under that piece of crap so called president of our that thinks his shit doesn’t stink needs to have charges brought against him over the death’s of those 13 killed. Him and all of the other democrats that serve under him need to be charged with murder.


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