130 Retired Top Military Officials Call For Austin And Milley To Resign Over Afghanistan

Defense Secretary Mark T. Esper and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Army Gen. Mark A. Milley hold a joint press conference at the Pentagon, Washington, D.C., Jan. 30, 2020. (DoD Photo by Army Staff Sgt. Edwin J. Pierce).

A list of retired generals and admirals calling on Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley to step down from their posts inflated to 130 on Thursday. 

Due to the United States’ catastrophic withdrawal from Afghanistan, a group of the military’s former top brass that identifies as “Flag Officers 4 America,” want Austin and Milley to resign “based on negligence in performing their duties” leading up to the Biden administration’s August 31 deadline.

“The hasty retreat has left initial estimates at ~15,000 Americans stranded in dangerous areas controlled by a brutal enemy along with ~25,000 Afghan citizens who supported American forces,” they wrote in an open letter on Monday. 

Then posits the question, what should Austin and Milley have done when they found out about Biden’s plan to abruptly pull military forces out of the country without “adequate plans,” or the ability to conduct the operation in an orderly fashion? 

The letter goes on to detail exactly what they should have done: “Recommended against this dangerous withdrawal in the strongest possible terms.”

If they didn’t do everything within their power to stop the “hasty withdrawal,” they should resign, it asserts. And if they did do everything in their ability to ensure the safety of U.S. citizens and Afghan allies, “then they should have resigned in protest as a matter of conscience and public statement.”

The group explained that the enormity of the decision to abandon Afghanistan will “reverberate for decades,” starting with those who were left behind, who they classified as “de facto hostages of the Taliban.” 

“The death and torture of Afghans has already begun and will result in a human tragedy of major proportions,” the letter detailed. “The loss of billions of dollars in advanced military equipment and supplies falling into the hands of our enemies is catastrophic. The damage to the reputation of the United States is indescribable.”

They said that “the weakness displayed in Afghanistan” emboldened our adversaries around the world  and encouraged terrorists “to pass freely into our country through our open border with Mexico.”

The group also accused military leaders of placing mandatory emphasis on “wokeness” related training, which they believe is divisive and harmful to military unit cohesion.

Under Austin and Milley’s leadership, “We are now seen, and will be seen for many years, as an unreliable partner in any multinational agreement or operation,” the letter alleges. “Trust in the United States is irreparably damaged.”

“I think it’s very fair to ask for accountability for senior leaders, and that includes the military leaders as well as the national security advisor and the secretary of state. Somebody needs to be held accountable,” Lt. Gen. (Ret.) Keith Kellogg said on Tuesday. 

“I think it’s up to them to resign. If not, I think the president should remove them. It would help the American people if he changed out his national security team because we don’t know what ground truth is.”

    1. Unfortunately the Commander-in-Chief is a civilian, not a military officer, and CAN NOT be court-martialed. But he should be impeached, convicted, and removed. He’s a clear and present danger to the Republic. Sadly, the socialist Democrats would never allow it.

      1. As the “perceived” Commander in Chief, he is NOT a civilian and therefore IS subject to AND eligible for a TREASON TRIBUNAL and all that follows! Try consulting UCOMJ!!

        1. You’re so wrong about US law, the UCMJ, and the Constitution. As for the UCOMJ, I don’t know what it is and likely neither do you. In addition, PERCEPTION is not law.

          Get an education. Try the free online courses offered by Hillsdale College on the Constitution and Civics.

      2. Can’t impeach him that comes from the house republicans don’t have enough to do it and the demturds won’t that’s for sure

        1. You’re probably right, unfortunately. The GOP establishment is far too timid, while the seditionist Democrats wanted to impeach Trump AFTER he was out of office.

          1. Can’t impeach a president when he is not one anymore. They tried but only to make him look bad. They are a disgrace to the human race

          2. The reason that John Roberts declined to preside over Farce Peach Mint # 2 is that it became an attempt at a BILL OF ATTAINDER…which, of course, should be grounds for expulsion of House Majority Leadership…and should occur if we regain the House.

      3. We must let our Allies and rest of the world know that we Americans don’t approve of what Biden did. We must impeach him even if we’re not successful or our Allies will never trust us again.

          1. I believe when they win they will impeach him if he is still there? If they don’t it’s all for eye candy!
            If you get the house and senate and don’t start turning this crap around then and only than we all will know who is for the Republic and will stand by us………
            It will be time too impeach all of them and take them out. If it’s not done than they are all in cahoots together…
            If this was a hundred years ago they all would’ve been shot or hung. No ones got any balls anymore. Plain and simple

        1. I agree, that Articles of Impeachment must be debated, regardless of whether they go further..which, of course, is now impossible in this term.

  1. Just thinking, was the handling of the mess in Afghanistan part of a plan to help promote a world government, which would of course be a dictatorship? We had better come together as a nation of one people, very, very fast. We need to get rid of the crap in Washington that is pretending to be government, and get some strong leadership, that is of the people, for the people, and by the people. We need to get the distracted, semiconscious Wokies out of the government and the schools. Then we need to create a strong well trained military. Then, rather than ban guns, it needs to be required that anyone eighteen years and older who is a loyal American, must be in posession of at least one hand gun or other fire arm, and undergo training in the handling and care of same. they should then undergo some sort of quasi military training, that will make neighborhood militia across the Nation that that will be prepared to assist military ground forces should the need arise. More boots on the ground, to discourage an enemy take-over. A reasonable number should also be trained in first aid, such as might be needed on a battle field. A well trained citizenry is not a bad idea.

    1. We need to get rid of this Biden/Harris administration first–the longer they stay in charge the worst its going to be for this country

        1. We start with 2022 and elect constitutionalists, preferably conservative Republicans and Libertarians. Then should a conservative constitutionalist win the WH in 2024, he or she should seriously drain the swamp. That also means indicting corrupt politicians, bureaucrats, foundations, and corporations.

    2. Most people do not subscribe to tidea of a One World/New W0rld Order and probably won’t uwe have blue helmeted troops under the auspices of the UN. By that time it will be too late.

    3. Are you thinking of the process that Switzerland has for its citizens? It’s a good idea. The people you refer to are the militia in the 2nd Amendment.

    4. Time for a clean out by whatever means is necessary from the top down starting with that evil monster Soros, Gates, Clintons, Barry and Mike, Joey and the BBC lover, Pelosi the witch, Chucksey, Penguin Nadler, Shifty, Fang Banger, the Squad, Fauci and the rest of the cabal in Washington DC.

    5. We do have tons of ex-military personnel who have a very high respect for their homeland. With 130 military chiefs with the same attitude we might be able to swing it. Some of those chiefs retired early from the Obama administration because of his ideas.

  2. Appreciate these flag/general officers ideas about these two miscreants. However, and I say this with all due respect, did ANY of them consider doing this in protest EVER? If so, why didn’t they? The Jack Singlaub’s of this world are rare.

  3. Remarkable! 130 Top Military Leaders have spoken in no uncertain terms. It started at the top. Biden! There is the problem then the rot spread to the current military leaders. Biden needs to be impeached! Get him and all the top civilians out of any leadership role. Our country is in trouble.

  4. This guy is trying to imitate a President of the US but he has completely and utterly failed. Don’t point your finger at anyone else. Remember what Harry Truman said: The buck stops here………….

  5. They are right,this is not going away, White House now, all Biden phone calls are private, are we now in some type of dictatorship governennt? Time for these clowns to go, Public servants like joe biden, don’t have private conversations, with world leaders on the phone, this is why, the phone calls are on recorder and listen in on, by white house security etc, so are the white house logs, which Biden also likes to hide from our public view. Guess also those many conversations over in China, where he and Hunter cut that billion and half dollar deal while on the tax payors dime.Time for any traitors to pay for their crimes against America. Biden has sold our Country down the drain, Where does their loyalty end, Bidens, foreign interest? it’s more then obivious joe biden is making decisions against our American people, this is what happens, when money is exhanged for loyality, the bidens have accepted enormous amounts of money from Russia China as he held the VP office, What did they do, promise to get that money? We are at a point it’s time, for the Biden’s to explain their actions and motives. He will be impeached for his actions an forced to explain his role in aiding China and Russia, the decisions he makes on their behalf. Biden’s Plans are National Security risk, under the left’s thinking in our Country, it should not seem unreasonable to exchange, joe biden for any hostages left behind, all things considered, it should be OK, we left fellow Americans our allies behind, in a war zone right? on a battlefield, that was OK . We left 80 billion dollars plus of hard earned tax payor equipment behind, for no good reason, guess what, that was OK too. The only problem is that the Taliban probably wants him less then we do, there happy exactly where biden is at, as you can easily see their was no justification to why biden, his generals or his cabinet heads, to make the unAmerican decisions they did, leave Allies, Americans, Equiptment to the established declared enemy’s of the United States.

  6. Do the actions and inactions in Afghanistan rise to the level of treason? high crimes? Abandoned our citizens and allies, abandoned our military equipment and munitions, permanently damaged international relationships, destroyed 20 years of progress which took the lives of thousands of our military men and women, and permanent physical disability to thousands of others! Biden was on watch for nearly half of the length of this war and has the gall to blame everyone but himself! Absolutely Despicable!

  7. It is just too sad to see how the Country is being run by an incompetent Sleepy dementia President who has to depend on someone to tell him what to do, someone who doesn’t know what to tell him. We have a Vice President who doesn’t know her behind from her before, someone who thought going into the White House were children’s play house, we have a Speaker of the Congress who plays with her dentures when she is talking, because she is afraid they would fall out of her mouth which makes her forget. Is this the America that once was a Country all the world used to look up to, now the world is laughing at it? because the people who are running this Country are a bunch of animals who are out to get rich overnight. The sad thing about this, there is nothing that the people who knows what to do, cannot do anything. WHY DID THIS HAPPENED? BECAUSE THE ELECTION WAS STOLEN. God help us.

    1. Redhead,
      if the Election was stolen,(I believe it was),then why do so many say “JoeBama” won??
      Biden does not run this Country.bho is behind this Failure but he does not pull the Strings.
      Big “Money,Demor…,and Rinos are the Ones, who try to destroy this Great Country.
      Let’s Not FORGET the UNINFORMED and SELFISH Voters.

      1. no, you were right the first time moslem bho IS running the country behind the scenes with impunity; he knows the blame will fall on “JoeBama” so he has a free hand.

    1. Sammy – Their Oath of Officer mandates that they follow thge orders of the superior Officers, which includes all the way up to the President of the United States. Of course, they also have a responsibilitiy to let their superior Officers know when they beleive that they are headed down the wrong road, and yes, at times, in the strongest term possible. Shoudl they beleive that the decisions are far enough off and they are unable to change theit superiors mind, then they have two options, either implement their superior Officers Orders to the very best of their abilities or, two resign. Those are the two and only two Options. The point of these retired Flag Officers is that the Orders being given for the hasty withdrawal was simply wrong and clearly foreseable of the results that we are now living with. If the Military Leadership (including the Joint Cheifs and SECDEF) could not change the Presidents mind, then their only recourse, in the opinion of these retired Generals (which frankly I agree with) if to offer upotheir resignation rather than implpement the plans given to them.

      As for not speaking up while still serving, beleive me they do indeed speak up and in very strong terms at times, but always in private and never in a publiv forum. SPeaking up against the Leadership in a Public forum, is clearly Insubordination and Conducty Unbecoming and Officer, both of which are punishable under the Uniformed Code Military Justice (UCMJ)

      1. You make very good points. Thanks.

        We officers took an oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States of America against all enemies BOTH foreign AND domestic.We’re not beholden to a President or political party. So while that entails following the orders of superiors, it’s limited to lawful, constitutional, and moral orders.

        Of course disobeying, or even questioning unlawful orders can come at a price, but you’re right about the need at times to do so. In addition, we’re still subject to Article 88 of the UCMJ concerning criticizing a President and others even when retired.

        Again, thanks.

    2. Because they could be court martialed for insubordination, reduced in rank, fined and retired. That’s why the Marine Corp LTC gave up everything and basically quit. He still could be CM. Hope he is allowed to resign and leave. He is the type of officer I would follow to hell and back as I am a retired Army Major.

  8. No only the Joint Chief of Staff Officers but Biden should be arrested and COURT MARSHALED in a military Court along with Harris and Pelosi nothing else, resignation is not accecptable trial for TREASON IS

  9. An effective President would oust these two, as well as hundreds of senior officers who are following their orders to render the U.S. military forces ineffective. And the events in Afghanistan are just one example of this criminal conduct that may already be too late to cure.

    The imposition of CRT in the military has been applied at service academies and in active duty stations throughout our military. This attempt to cause division within the military is an obviously Marxist method of sowing discontent, which is now the Democrat tactic of defeating the nation from within. Severe reactions are needed in order to preserve what’s left of our Constitutional Republic.

    The David Horowitz Freedom Center’s pamphlet “DISLOYAL – How the Military Brass is Betraying Our Country” substantiates this concern, and it is much deeper than most people think. Both SECDEF Austin and JCS Chairman Milley both have previous records of this behavior, but even Trump didn’t recognize its true nature. Now we know. It must stop-NOW.

  10. Residual damage for arming Taliban and other terrorists is impossible to estimate, but the damage to our country in every other way goes beyond all estimates for years to come.

  11.  In short no, a sitting US president cannot be court-martialed because they are a civilian. The POTUS functions as Commander-In-Chief of the , Make all the top white House people resign, forfeit their Win and appoint a joint party coalition on rotating base.


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