Terry McAuliffe: A Vote Thief’s Best Friend

Terry McAuliffe 72nd Governor of Virginia / Photo by Terry McAuliffe via Wikimedia Commons

Also troublesome: Konopasek told Fox News “it’s a possibility that we will we have to wait until Friday” for conclusive election results. Virginia’s legislature made permanent 2020’s “temporary” COVID-19 vote rules. No-excuse absentee ballots may arrive until High Noon, three days post-election, provided they are postmarked by Election Day.

So, no one should be shocked if absentee ballots suddenly pour in from… who knows where?

Would McAuliffe tolerate ballot box hanky-panky on his behalf? The better question is: Would he encourage it?

McAuliffe, former Democrat National Chairman, is no election-integrity warrior. As governor, McAuliffe vetoed eight bills designed to disinfect the Old Dominion’s voting system. National Review dubbed him “Virginia’s Voter-Fraud Guru.”

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  1. This is the guy who gave 10,000 (or more) felons their voting rights back with the stroke of his pen. Not their 2nd Amend rights though.

  2. This is why I prefer feather pillows to foam. A little bit of tar, an old feather pillow, and parade the fraudsters down Main St.! My precinct has new voting machines this time around. I hope they are better than the last ones. But how would we know?


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