Republican Governor Pushes For All-Mail Elections

US Embassy Canada, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Vermont’s Republican Governor is making a push to conduct elections through the mail. While other Republican states are concerned over the practice, Governor Phill Scott wants his state to become the latest to conduct all general elections entirely by mail.

In June 2021, Gov. Scott signed legislation to conduct general elections through the mail but now he wants to expand the mail-in voting measure. On Tuesday, the Republican wrote a letter to state legislators urging lawmakers to expand automatic mail-in voting beyond general elections.

Newsmax reports:

“General elections already have the highest voter turnout. What we need is increased voter participation for elections like those on town meeting day or school budget votes, which experience a fraction of the turnout of general elections,” Scott wrote, according to the news outlet.

The Hill reports that Scott may find a more willing ally in his own legislature: Democrats hold overwhelming majorities in both the state House and the state Senate.

In an email, Scott’s spokesman said the move to expand access only made logical sense, The Hill reported.

“If the goal is to expand voter accessibility and participation, it does not make sense to only focus on elections that have by far the highest voter turnout,” Jason Maulucci, Scott’s press secretary, told The Hill.

  1. Now is the time for cheating, because no one can openly challenge the cheaters for fear of being labeled an insurgent!

    1. It is a Republican like this that makes us shoot ourselves in the foot. They know that mail in voting is ripe for cheating yet they still push for it. What a moron.

  2. This man is as much Republican as Barack Hussein Obama. In fact this man ran under the R to undermine the party as so many others have done.We know that mail in ballots are not a safe way to vote. Postal workers dumping ballots was common during the 2020 election and they were charged with crimes. Drop boxes were tampered with. Video upon video showing poll workers tampering with ballots. We are entering third world status and you should be afraid, very afraid.

  3. Perhaps it’s time to end the secret ballot by adding biometric proof of identity, including a fingerprint on the ballot used for the count.

  4. Vermont is one of those crazy nut states. Remember Bernie Sanders? He’s been their senator for upteen years. That governor is a rino. Who in their right mind condones cheating. That’s what happens when you have uncontrolled elections.

    1. You are absolutely correct! These so called governors with an “R” in front of their name, but from blue states are no Republicans at all.
      Perfect example here.

  5. Good Morning this is what got us biden someone should check ✔his bank accounts to see how much money 💰💰being deposited in his or family’s accounts that’s the start governors like him to causes the problems in the United States remember United We Stand Divided We Fall Remember M A G A America

  6. This guy is about as much a Republican as Lizzie Cheney!! Which means, of course, he’s a total Democrat! Not surprising, though, given he’s from the White House squatter’s State. Probably being bribed to do this — one of Biden’s greatest talents. 🙁

  7. The libs use the phrase, “If it works don’t fix it.” So the great experiment with elections worked, knowing full well nothing would over turn the results.

  8. Only in-person voting with an ID except for deployed military and the disabled. That is how you get an honest election.

  9. They’ve already accomplished that when they ignored the voters and put a pedophile with dementia in the White House inspite if his losing the election. Pelosis own admission of rigging elections for the last thirty years. She doesn’t even care that we know it.

  10. Didn’t this Republicans learned by the last elections about mail in voting. What is wrong with people showing up at the polling places and showing their ID. Since this state has a Democratic house and Senate its the ripe time fir cheating. I guess this Governor is a Rhino in Democrats clothing. Wake up Republicans governor the democrats are going to run you over. Their going to try to destroy America. No mail in ballots, except for the disable, and military. Even the Democrats said it was a bad idea, they also said away to cheat. This was 20 years ago, Schumer said it. So don’t do it.

  11. Look at the Senators Vermont sends to Washington and you’ll either realize what long winters in a rural state does to brain function or what mail-in does. Perhaps both.

  12. No doubt a globalist who doesn’t care about the United States. If some other country did these things, we would call them CORRUPT.

  13. They keep pushing for unverifiable voting results. Stop the fraud. Vote in person and verify your identity. Proving your identity is not suppression or racist. Democrats label it that to get their way.

  14. This person is not a Republican he is a traitor and has betrayed the confidence of everyone who voted for him because of his lies. The term betray and traitor are from the same Latin root word, and therefore those who can remove him from office should immediately do so. He should have zero confidence by any who voted for him. It is time to PUNISH all liars, and go for quality not hypocrisy!

  15. The Governor is far outnumbered in his Vt government by the democrats who can overrule his veto. He has little control.

  16. Vermont has a Republican governor? Is he a Republican like a Romney that is so little a Republican that he can get elected in Mass?

  17. Just another useful idiot of the Marxists that hold sway with the Demo-rats, akin to the other R.I.N.O.s that are the scourge of the Republicans on THE HILL—like Mitt Romney and LIZZY–

  18. “Live free or die”? This a** wants to go to the Leftist totalitarian government desired by the NWO promoters. All mail means exclusive ballot choice by the lying, cheating, manipulative leftists. Their idea of democracy is not a balanced voting public, but a mob rule with no dissension from their goals

  19. This is what happens when Democommies are allowed to run as Republicans for Governor. This man is no more a conservative than Obama is!

  20. He must be a RINO. He does not have Republican values. He needs to restudy the Founder’s Constitution.

  21. And who is this states US Senator? It’s the socialist Bernie Sanders. What else would you expect from a state that elects a socialist time after time.

  22. Absolutely insane, as even the Post Office knows that mail delivery is not secure. that is why in fact it has the registered mail service. 2022/01/19.

  23. F THAT AND F HIM!!!! In person only unless you are deployed military!! Voting should be made AVAILABLE TO,PREVIOUS and ON GOING CONTRIBUTORS to the tax system only!

  24. No use. In future you wont be voting for people, but for projects, or situations of concern in the Community. And with Blockchain quantum technology, no one can cheat anymore, thanks to super genius President Trump and VP Kennedy and others involved in Military operations God is good

  25. We’ve had mail in voting in AZ for many years now and it’s worked very well. You do have to sign your mail in envelope, which is compared to your official registered signature.


  27. You want mail in ballots then they are to be mailed to LIVING registered legal voters only. Should be able to monitor the number of legal registered voters vs the number of ballots returned


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