Ex-Labor Secretary Says Dems Should Assault Sen. Sinema Over Filibuster Vote

By Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America - Kyrsten Sinema, via Wikimedia Commons

Former Labor Secretary Robert Reich is the latest Democrat to attack Arizona Senator Kyrsten Sinema over her vote to keep the filibuster. In a since-deleted tweet, Reich suggested Democrats should assault Sinema for breaking with her Democrat colleagues.

On Wednesday, Republicans defeated an effort to change filibuster rules in order for Democrats to push their voting rights legislation through the upper chamber. Democrat Senators Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema voted with Republicans to uphold the filibuster in its current form.

Fox News reports:

National Review’s Charles Cooke said Reich’s remark was tantamount to saying Sinema “must be slapped around by her party if she fails to follow the demands of a white man.”

“No big deal,” tweeted radio host Larry O’Connor. “Just Democrat/Socialist icon [Robert Reich] encouraging violence against a female senator who didn’t vote the way he wanted.”

Reich hasn’t apologized or offered any additional comment since deleting the original tweet about Sinema. The Arizona Democrat has been the subject of sharp and even personal attacks from the left for maintaining her support for the filibuster. Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Calif., said Manchin and Sinema didn’t care about Blacks and minorities in an interview last weekend.

Reich, now a professor at the University of California-Berkeley, served in the Clinton administration. The left-wing economist has made appearances on CNN and MSNBC over the years to comment on political and economic matters.

  1. Robert Reich is a piece of TRASH and he always has been. He should be chastised for his comments but since he is a Democrat nothing will happen.

  2. The Democrat Party, reminds me of the Mafia. They will break any law, Destroy anyone to support illegal party plans which are New world Order!

  3. Beating women? What will the brainwashed Democrat think of next? Remember when Harry Reid changed the rules in the senate and it turned around and bit the idiot democrats in the butt? What they are staging is the biggest robbery of America ever! And just where is all that free crap they promised their idiots?

  4. Democrats, the past and present administration, can be so crude and vicious. I admire Manchin
    and Sinema for not allowing the other Democrat
    Senators railroad them.

  5. Because that is how Democrats roll. They took the true President Trump to court for supposedly telling people to riot the White shack, but it is ok for Democrats to be told to assault one of there own, and a female. God bless you Senator Sinema for having the courage to think for yourself.

  6. no one cares about what a has been has to say that said ;charge him with terroristic threat send him to jail like the terrorist he is

  7. Prettynsad when a grown man hss to propose violence against a women to scare her into submission. Thats the Democrat way.Turns out she just moved on without the blink of an eye.

  8. DEM’s SHOWING THEIR IGNORANCE! … or did they do away with the penalties for assaulting a sitting Senator! FJB!


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