Truckers Vanquished in Canada, What Happens Next?

President Joe Biden holds virtual talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Photo: The White House/Handout via Reuters

Emergency Powers 

Justin Trudeau, center right, Prime Minister of Canada, meets with U.S. Marine Corps Gen. Joe Dunford, center left, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Canadian Gen. Jonathan Vance, left, Canadian Armed Forces Chief of Defence Staff, and Harjit Singh Sajjan, right, Canadian Minister of National Defence, in his office in the Canadian Parliament buildings, Ottawa, Canada, Feb. 28, 2018. Gen. Dunford was in Ottawa for meetings with senior Canadian officials on the ongoing evolution of the North American Aerospace Defense Command. (DoD Photo by U.S. Army Sgt. James K. McCann)

Justin Trudeau obtained energy powers as Prime Minister and used them to stop the protest. The Canadian Prime Minister invoked the Emergencies Act and was able to use more of the government’s powers to stop the protest. The action was highly controversial and garnered a lot of criticism as the Emergencies Act was meant to stop public assemblies that “constitute illegal and dangerous activities.”

  1. Biden is a feckless idiot and if you are one of those people who don’t know it, then you are a very “unintelligent” person.

    1. Biden is just an ignorant puppet…Obama is the one calling all the shots…he despises America and the American people and he intends to bring our country to its knees and it will happen if the chicken shit American people just lolly gag around and take no actions to prevent our freedoms from going down the drain !!We let them steal an election and a President who won by a landslide by doing Absolutely NOTHING about it…consequences are soon coming and a choice will have to be made…stand up for your freedoms or become a peasant to the corrupt government authority !!!

      1. True and it’s not only Biden but the whole poewer mongering arrogant of the Demonrat party who thinks they’re so smart they have the right to tell everyone what to do.

  2. Actually, Biden is more apt to go hide in his basement until his handlers drag him out for a dog and pony show.

  3. Look you all it is getting more and more serous we all know the Ukraine was involved it the big steal.. to boot put your selves in Russia place they wanted missile batteries in the Ukraine now look back at the Cuban missile crises same scenario… why were we so up set with that in Cuba because we could not defend against an attack that we would have little to no warning of well same thing in the Ukraine for Russia they would have little to know warning none these shit stains will tell they would not be nuclear tip but here is the dam catch they could swapped out just that quick would we go to war of that you better your asses we would and Ukraine was never supposed to be part of NATO

  4. One thing is crystal clear. Creepy sleepy quid quo pro say it ain’t so joe is not smart enough to do so much damage in so short of time. I still want to see the foreign exchange student’s real birth certificate.

  5. There are those who will object to my comment(s) here, mostly becuase they don’t know or undertand history….particularly of their own country. The truckers in Canada are in trouble because of their country’s political and cultural affiliations/allegiance, meaning “great” Britain, which country ever since Henry VIII and his illegitimate daughter Elizabeth I, having created their own religion after Henry’s marital corruptions within the Catholic Church, left that Church and created their own religion. To this day England’s corruptions have continued without interruption and Canada has to suffer the same pains England has never confessed.
    It won’t be long before the USA (under Biden) will join that club because Biden (in his apostasy) and his radicals are certainly not legitimately Christian never mind Catholic. As a side point I often wonder what kind of Corruption(s) Mrs.Biden seeks because she surely knows that her husband is not actually president having stolen the election, is not a practicing catholic, and in any case is not competent to hold any office much less the Oval Office. Can Mrs Biden really think her personal soul is saved?

    So it may be the USA is seeing its own “End Times” as does humanity on the horizon.

    1. Religion saves no one, it includes the Catholic religion. Jesus is the Savior of the world, not Mary, Not Saints, not Sacraments. You must be born again to partake of the kingdom of God. If we look at the most prosperous nations in the world, then the Catholic nations are not among them. Today there is a need for repentance from sin and perversion for all nations, and to regain respect for Jesus and his word.

  6. I would say Trudope has a Pyrrhicvictory…..the convoy might have dispersed, not the struggle for freedom, which will only increase and expand. Eventually him and his party will pay the price.

  7. Marques: “Canadian protesters using “freedom” to try and achieve
    their anti-vax, pandemic-denying, anti-Govt goals. It’s more like
    tyranny of a loud minority.”

    Name calling, always name calling, no wit, no wisdom. They said MAGA was: “tyranny of a loud minority.” (or racist, or white supremacists, or deplorable(s)).
    The Canadians elected the “Anti-Trump” which is of course a liberal dictator who hates individual liberty. He gets his playbooks from the World Economic Forum.
    People are starting to “get” that a large handful of elites are on course to enslave us. Take them out of office. They are corrupt at heart, and they corrupt every institution they touch.
    “Emergency powers”? Liberals, if you give them a tool to exercise power over you, they will use it, and abuse it whenever they feel like it. We are the “ants” on the ground, that they crush under their shoe, because it delights them. Time to become fire ants.


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