Biden, Dems Ripped Over Gas Price Excuses

Gas pump via Pixabay images

On Fox News’ Faulkner Focus, the network’s contributor Tammy Bruce ripped Joe Biden and Democrats over their excuses for increasing gas prices.

She said it’s the Biden regime’s policies causing inflation while the country is being pushed closer to a “shooting war” with Russia after politicians locked down Americans during COVID-19.

The interview is as follows, per Fox News:

TAMMY BRUCE: It’s about the taxes that they refuse to remove from the price of gasoline, both at the state and the federal level. The nature of inflation itself, 10% from year to year from February to February. 10% extra in the cost of everything for Americans.

Let me tell you something. We are now close to a shooting war. Children are dying and being bombed by Russia. Americans have loved ones in the military. We are sitting back once again with a government that destroyed our lives for the last two years, which we are now going to have to investigate because of COVID, and now they’re going to shuttle us right into a shooting war…they point fingers at us as being the problem. These are the same people who have controlled our lives during the pandemic, and now they’re going to twist us, to move us into a shooting war…into rationing food in our own homes. How dare they? This is what has to change in November.

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