Bill Barr Says Schools Need to Do This to Keep Kids Safe

The United States Department of Justice / Public domain

Former Attorney General Bill Barr says schools need to increase security in order to keep students safe.

According to Townhall:

“I think we’re at the stage where the only thing that’s actually going to potentially prevent and intentionally have an effect are measures around the schools, especially elementary schools, to harden them, to make it much more difficult for someone to break in with a gun and keep shooting. And that will require better perimeter measures, not having the doors open where people can come in, but also police officers on site. And that’s unfortunate,” Barr told Fox News radio host Jimmy Failla. “It wasn’t too long ago where we didn’t have airport security. Anyone could walk up to the gate. And now, 20-25 years later, we have intense security at airports and in office buildings we never had. And now we do. And I’m afraid we’re at the point where we’re going to have to have it at schools. I mean, our most precious resources n these schools, are young children, and we have to take care of them and protect them.”

After the massacre in Uvalde earlier this week Andrew Pollack, who lost his daughter Meadow in the 2018 Parkland shooting, reiterated the need for schools to be hardened.


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