Democrats Panic as Data Reveals Over 1 Million Americans Have Switched to GOP

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As midterms get closer Democrats are starting to get nervous. President Joe Biden’s dismal foreign and domestic policies have triggered voters to leave the Democrat Party, and according to the Associated Press, more than 1 million voters have realigned themselves with the Republican Party.

The Daily Wire reports:

“A political shift is beginning to take hold across the U.S. as tens of thousands of suburban swing voters who helped fuel the Democratic Party’s gains in recent years are becoming Republicans,” the Associated Press reported.

“More than 1 million voters across 43 states have switched to the Republican Party over the last year, according to voter registration data analyzed by The Associated Press. The previously unreported number reflects a phenomenon that is playing out in virtually every region of the country — Democratic and Republican states along with cities and small towns — in the period since President Joe Biden replaced former President Donald Trump.”

“But nowhere is the shift more pronounced — and dangerous for Democrats — than in the suburbs, where well-educated swing voters who turned against Trump’s Republican Party in recent years appear to be swinging back. Over the last year, far more people are switching to the GOP across suburban counties from Denver to Atlanta and Pittsburgh and Cleveland,” the AP wrote. “Republicans also gained ground in counties around medium-size cities such as Harrisburg, Pennsylvania; Raleigh, North Carolina; Augusta, Georgia; and Des Moines, Iowa.”

The latest report confirms what many political analysts have been saying for months. Recently, even CNN political analyst Harry Enten predicted big wins for Republicans this November.

“The November elections are months away, but Enten’s findings are pointing in the wrong direction for Democrats, who hold a 12-seat House majority. Enten said Republicans are in their best position in more than 80 years. ‘My estimate for the 2023 House makeup, if the election were held today, which again, it isn’t… would be Republicans, 236 seats to 241 seats. Democrats, 194 to 199,’” he said.


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