Former Federal Prosecutor Says Key Testimony Proves Trump Committed Treason

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Did former President Trump commit treason when he allegedly demanded his supporters be let into the Capitol building on January 6th, 2021? That’s what one former federal prosecutor claims.

Glenn Kirschner said that the former President is guilty of treason after listening to former Chief of Staff aide Cassidy Hutchinson’s testimony against Trump.

According to The Washington Examiner:

“Treason is defined in the federal law as whoever, owing an allegiance to the United States, levies war against them, the United States, is guilty of treason,” Glenn Kirschner, a former federal prosecutor, told Dean Obeidallah on a radio show this week. “And what Donald Trump was, in a very real sense, levy war, and we now know that his warriors were armed. He knew that, and he launched an attack that he wanted to lead himself on the U.S. Capitol, on the democratic process, on the certification of the rightful win of a president.”

“You know, he certainly is on the hook for obstructing the official proceeding, the certification of Biden’s win,” Kirschner said. “He’s on the hook for a conspiracy to defraud or commit offenses against the United States, inciting a riot, inciting an insurrection, seditious conspiracy, treason.”

Kirschner added that he thinks Trump’s action constituted “assaulting or impeding” a government official, an 8-year felony. And if prosecutors can link Trump to telling supporters, armed with weapons, to impede a government official, it would be a 20-year felony.

“Again, Dean, you can only confine a man for but one life,” Kirschner said. “So how many of these charges you want to stack up? It doesn’t really matter. Donald Trump just needs to be indicted.”

Despite there being holes in Hutchinson’s testimony Kirschner continued his tirade against the former president.

However, the January 6th panel does not have the authority to indict individuals despite Kirschner’s wishes.

  1. First of all, He did not demand anyone to enter the capitol, and second of all he did not commit treason!! No wonder that so called prosecutor is an ex, It’s plain to see he doesn’t know the law what actual treason is!! If he really wants to know what actual treason is, just look at those imposters that’s pretending to be in the whitehouse and all the media, some judges etc This will show him what true treason really is!! GIVE US A BREAK WE THE PEOPLE CHOSE DONALD J TRUMP FOR OUR PRESIDENT AND NOT THAT OBAMA PUPPET!!

  2. Hey glenn, pull your head OUT of your ass, WHAT did the Secret Service have to say about cassidys KEY PERJURY??? Not so LOUD with your CRAP now, Right?

  3. This article is full of BS and the writer actually believes this article warranted being published. Anyone who actually thinks that a story like this, based on hearsay and denied by those implicated and would never be admissible in any court, is credible is a nut job.

  4. What a Dip $hit, is he forgetting that there’s 2 Secret Service Agents who’s willing to testify under oath to contradict the media loving woman whose testimony is built on “here say “, Really…🙄

  5. you people are a joke get a life he has been gone for 2 years he is the most investigated population and he only served 4 years how about the inside trades like popies

  6. May those who give false witness and out and out lies about character on anyone, but especially to Trump who is a man who tries to do the right thing for ALL Americans, yeah the riff raff who talkes–t about him as well. May GOD give them exactly what they deserve when judgement day comes round.

  7. This January 6 court is nothing but a kangaroo court, nothing legitimate about it. By all rights it should not be allowed. Nothing but lies and innuendos. Shame, shame on those conducting it. It is totally disgusting. A pox on those participating.

    1. It burns my soul to a crisp at the cost the Libs have cost the American taxpayers for BS so they can wound Trump and any one Conservative…they have the vile of vipers and hate is first over love….the old saying they are spending our money like they have a right out open coffers with out approval by We the People…….with all the things this country NEEDS they have been tossing it to the wind on BS impeachments that lead no where and this Jan 6th scam is laughable, the witness are all lying like rugs….and its proven….shakes my head and walks away in utter disgust……even the Rats are sick of it and are bailing on this Administration…..Rats ! vote in some who care about country and our way of life, we will never get back our country in tack with those who are in power, Karma be with them !!! You get what you push out…..

  8. I don’t believe a word of it. How many people do you know that voted for Biden? I don’t know of any. I guess that makes me racist according to some people, which I am not.

  9. Who ever heard of this whacko Kirschner ? They have already proved Trump did nothing wrong and the commission is a political sham -Kirschner go back to your room in Mommy’s basement

  10. Shut the F up and you and the rest of the left commies need to get your panties out of a wad, President Trump beat all you a-holes and still is.

  11. Give us a break. You call an idiot making allegations against President Trump because of what that Sea Hag said, newsworthy?

  12. What weapons? Flag poles and sticks are not weapons when you are up against an armed police force. None of the protesters had a gun or even a knife! The only armed people at the Capital were security. The actually used armed force against the unarmed.

  13. So he’s an ex-prosecuter, which means he’s lookingfor or God forbid, has found another gig as an attorney. If this guy thinks that 3rd and 4th-hand heresay evidence is permissible as a basis for convicting anyone of anything, then pardon me for saying that I’d NEVER hire him to defend me in court ever!


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