SCOTUS Abortion Draft Leaker One Step Closer to Being Exposed

Nearly three months since the Dobbs v. Jackson draft opinion was leaked about abortion rights, the list of leaking suspects has been winnowed down to a mere 70 individuals who could be responsible.

Fox News reports:

Chief Justice John Roberts has ordered the Court’s marshal to conduct an internal investigation, but there has been no official update, and no indication whether the probe is ongoing, ended or suspended.

But multiple sources tell Fox News the investigation into the approximately 70 individuals in the court who may have had access to the draft opinion has been narrowed. Sources say much of the initial focus was on the three dozen or so law clerks, who work directly with the justices on their caseload. Fox News had previously reported those law clerks were asked to turn over their cell phones and sign affidavits. It is unclear whether those clerks have all cooperated.

Supreme Court law clerks work on a one-year contract for individual justices, and their term typically ends in mid-July. Most of the law clerks have now presumably moved on to other jobs, and any future cooperation with them into the leak investigation was seen as problematic.

Fox News has been told court Marshal Gail Curley has also asked several permanent court staff who may have had access to the draft opinion to turn over their cell phones and electronic devices.

  1. I will be surprised if this person is discovered, he or she will be prosecuted, we all know know that goes. There’s this kid named Biden that has broken almost every freaking law out there, do I need say more?

  2. They should have started this earlier!!! Typical stall!!!! If they knew this deadline was July
    why are they just now starting? Sounds like a democrat delay!!! Good luck now!!!


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