Dem Congressman Under Fire for Not Paying $14K in Taxes

Las Vegas, NV - US Secretary of Labor Marty Walsh during a Youth Employment Roundtable at Nevada Partners Community Learning Center. with Rep. Steven Horsford and Rep. Susie Lee and a group of speakers. Via Wikimedia Commons.

Democrat Rep. Steven Horsford (D-NV) is getting scrutiny for not paying more than $14,000 in property taxes on his million-dollar home just outside of Washington D.C., the Nevada Globe reports.

Breitbart News reports:

Earlier in the year, Horsford appeared in a video for Nevada progressive advocacy group Battle Born, where he criticized the current federal tax code.

“The current federal tax code is rigged for the wealthy against the worker,” Horsford said. He also called on the wealthy to “pay their fair share,” saying, “it’s only fair that the wealthy pay their fair share.”

However, Horsford did not pay his fair share of property taxes on his home in Arlington, Virginia, according to tax records reviewed by the Nevada Globe. Despite earning a $174,000 congressional salary, Horsford failed to pay more than $14,000 in property taxes owed on his home for two years. The state of Virginia reportedly fined Horsford more than $2,500 for failing to pay his property taxes.

Horsford’s Virginia home is a five-bedroom, four-bathroom, 3,212 square foot home worth $1.8 million. Horsford was assessed several penalties, fees, and interest for the unpaid property tax between 2015 and 2016.

The Globe further notes:

Between 2015 and 2016, Horsford paid more than $2,500 in penalties, interest, and fees after he failed to pay $13,871.36 in property taxes.

In 2015, Horsford was assessed a $707.30 penalty, $463.35 in interest, and a $25 fee on his second installment of property taxes:

In 2016, Horsford was assessed a $679.42 penalty, $279.77 in interest, and a $25 fee.

As well as the $1.8 million Virginia home, Horsford has a home he and his wife purchased for $150,000. 2022 assessor records show the house was transferred to solely be owned by Horsford following his wife revealing he engaged in a 10-year extramarital affair.

  1. The simple question is this just another example for for term limits? My felling is that there’s to many inconsistencies for continuing of those voters that vote without understanding what theses career politicians are actually doing or any accountability for his voting records.

  2. If I didn’t pay my property taxes, my house would be on the auction block. Taken back by the bank, etc. But what can you say he’s a Democrat, they get away with everything.

  3. What do you expect from a Dem. It’s do as I say, not as I do. And the typical mantra of the rich don’t pay their fair share. Oh, let’s throw in affairs too. They are very hypocritical.

  4. Would I be able to purchase this property for the Ammt. Of taxes owed,or will it ever go up for auction like everyone else’s property that has a tax delinquency??

  5. Wow! Typical you gotta do but not me! This is how the dems roll. Screw you rules and laws, I’ll do it my way.

  6. Listen,he is a Democrat as such they always screw the people and pay their “dues”,look at little AOC ,same caliber Democrat scum

  7. We are not surprised, The democrat party is a massive crime family, in it solely for the wealth that is easily stolen from The United States under their various guises. Sincerely, The People For The Real USA Back From The Treasonous Enemies In Our White House

  8. VOTE VOTE VOTE EVERY incumbent OUT . Senate 2 terms, House 6 Terms, OUR way of TERM Limits.

  9. They all feel they are above the average man and don’t have to follow the rules. Exactly why the revolutionary war was started . Our country has slowly morphed into the same elitism . Life time rulers making rules for thee but not for me. TERM LIMITS to stop the continued creation of these monsters


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