Everything in McCarthy’s ‘Commitment to America’

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy rolled out a plan for the GOP should Republicans retake Congress in this November’s Elections.

McCarthy is preparing to take the fight to the Democrats on immigration, energy, and much more. He started the “Commitment to America” in 2020 surrounding the proposed bipartisan China Task Force. Now, his one has become 7: “Jobs and the Economy,” to clean up Biden’s economic disaster, “Future of American Freedoms,” the original “China Task Force,” “American Security, Big Tech, Censorship, and Data,” “Healthy Futures” and “Energy, Climate, and Conservation.”

McCarthy has been hard at work gathering support. So far, he has had dozens of briefings and meetings with stakeholders as well as town halls across the country.

The movement’s primary focus will strike on 4 primary themes: An Economy that’s Strong, a Nation that’s Safe, a Future that’s Built on Freedom, and a Government that’s Accountable.

So what exactly is under these themes? Well, let’s take a look.

  1. Totally agree! Please do NOT “wimp” out when the Republicans take back the house. Do NOT listen to the Dems or the RINOS, just get it done! Don’t worry what they say, listen to the stressed out voter and ACT!

  2. Not so sure I can trust him.He’s been a weasel in the past. Granted he’s better than PIGlosi. We have to get the House back and return sanity to it, but will the R’s have the ball’s to do what’s necessary? He better hit the ground running and right the wrongs from the past.And that goes for the Senate too.That other “Mick” (McConnell) has got to go, give Scott the reins


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