George Soros Just Gave Stacey Abrams Another BIG Gift

By World Economic Forum via Wikimedia Commons

Far-left Democrat megadonor George Soros just poured another $1 million into Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams’ campaign, according to the latest financial disclosures. Soros’ Democracy PAC II poured the cash into One Georgia Inc., a leadership committee Abrams leads to help her campaign. The entity shares a treasurer and address with Abrams’ campaign. That brings the total contributions from Soros to $3.5 million after he poured a previous $2.5 million into her second run for the governor’s office.

Breitbart reports:

Both Soros’s daughter and daughter-in-law financially contributed to Abrams’ leadership committee. Andrea Soros Colombel gave One Georgia Inc. $100,000 in August, while Jennifer Allan Soros contributed $500 in September, according to Fox News.

Outside of One Georgia contributions, Soros and his family members have donated $60,000 directly to Abrams’ campaign.

Abrams and Soros’s financial relationship dates back as far as six years when Abrams owned a company that helped install a progressive district attorney in Georgia’s Henry County that received $147,000 from Soros as part of the megadonor’s campaign to upend the American criminal justice system.

In addition to Soros, One Georgia Inc. has received hundreds of thousands of dollars from Hollywood and Democrat elites.

Other left-wing elites who donated to Abrams’ committees include $200,000 from Melinda Gates, $25,000 from Hollywood producer Chuck Lorre, $25,000 from Leonardo DiCaprio, and $50,000 each from Steven Spielberg and J.J. Abrams.


  1. Just like the last run for office, all the Hollywood elites like Oprah didn’t help Abrams…she still lost! I pray God will bless the Georgia election with an defeat for Abrams and put in a converative with morals and integrity.

    1. Surely the voters of Georgia are smart enough to spot just how phony this Abrams is and not make her part of their government. God help this country if the left wins the majority again.

  2. Why can’t the animal be prosecuted for interfering in our elections. He should be shut down financially, but our government needs his help they want to maintain their power.

  3. I will never fully understand WHY money is so important to get votes. I realize it’s needed for advertisements, etc. But I’m inclined to vote against the “big money spenders.” And I don’t think I’m alone. I vote on the principles & ethics & if they are HOPEFULLY HONEST.

  4. Wow! when will this crazyness stop! Soro’s is trying to buy another elections. He should be stripped of his citizenship and kicked out of the country.

    1. He has many tax-exempt “foundations” through which he launders his contributions. Just like the multimillion “Zucker bucks” in 2020.

  5. Even if gaptooth kept her large mouth shut, the idea of being financed by an unrepentant Nazi-helper would be enough to vote against her!

  6. George Soreass needs to have his citizenship stripped and be deported to hungary where his Nazi sympathizing ass came from, or maybe to Israel where they know what to do with Nazi’s

  7. The man doesn`t live here in the USA and his gifts are illegal. What is this all of a sudden this is legal. What this is saying is other countries run our country.Abrams is looney tunes and can be easily manipulated.

  8. No amount of money could make me vote for Abrams. Especially that contributed by any member of the Soros family!


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