Update: Arizona Election Results Delayed Until NEXT Week

The Chairman of Maricopa County’s Board of Supervisors has told CNN that there are around 400,000 ballots left to be counted in Arizona and that they won’t be done until “early next week.” The vote count has been stalled at about 70% counted for the past two days and Republicans are rightly outraged. Here are the comments from the chairman:


Voters also faced problems with ballot scanners when they voted in person on Tuesday in Maricopa County. Both Kari Lake and Blake Masters trail slightly to Democrats in their races and many are questioning why the votes are not being counted. Maricopa County tweeted an apology for the scanner issue which they say affected 7% of voters on election day.

States that are much larger in population than Arizona, like Texas and Florida, are able to count all of their votes on election day partly because they  count mail-in ballots before election day. Many are now demanding that Arizona implement this tactic to curb the insanity of week long vote counts.


  1. Maybe we could get Somalia to run the elections in some of the States that seem resistant to modern effective election reform. You know things like picture IDs, election day on election day and absentee for real reasons other than waiting to see how many voters they need to find.

  2. In Az sadly where I live counting is always delayed so that the dems can come up with the number of votes they need to declare they won. Our elections here are crooked and since they keep putting dems in charge they will remain crooked!!! biden did not even win Az, there was plenty of evidence but nothing was done about it!!!

  3. This is my thought on the elections. I said b4 the election, why are we not seeing hardly any republicans saying anything about what is going on? Yes, we had a few but most did not say anything about anything going on. They kept their mouth shut. Didn’t know if they kept their mouths shut because they thought that would get them votes, if they just said nothing or what? Seen lots of Democratics bad mouthing their opponents but did not see Republicans with hardly any come backs. This better be a wakeup call for Republicans. Our rights are about to be taken away.” ALL OF THEM”


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