New Anti-Walker Ad Set To Release For $4 Million A Week

Both Democrats and Republicans have fully shifted from the midterms to the runoffs in regard to the Georgia Runoff Election that is scheduled for December 6, 2022. While both sides will pour money into the election we are now starting to get the first hints of what those figures might be. While this runoff will not determine control of the Senate, as this has already been determined, this election will still be an important one for both parties. A race in which either party will spare no expense to win.

According to CNN, between Labor Day and Election Day, Democrats and Republicans together “spent over $30 million on ads.

Republicans are currently set to invest millions in dollars towards turn out for Walker. This will come with a plan between Walker and Georgia Governor Brain Kemp to get a get-out-the-vote operation in place to boost Walker.

While Democrats are expected to spend $7 million on field organizing and many more million on ads against Walker. During the midterm election cycle, it was reported that Georgia Honor spent over $30 million on ads against Hershel Walker and now are set to launch a new ad this Saturday. It is estimated that the coming ad will cost $4 million for a week of airtime though many are already stating this ad will not be anything new for Warnock’s campaign as it is the same old material they have been using.

This race was the top spender in the general 2022 midterm season only followed by Pennsylvania’s Senate race. So moving into the runoff cycle it will be no surprise to see the money being spent here.

Read more at Reuters and CNN.

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23 days ago

If the stupid voters like their criminals let them keep them.Warnock is not a good person,far from.He threw out renters and calls himself pastor.Is that the church of Satan he runs?

Donna cassidy
Donna cassidy
23 days ago

If the people of Georgia want a hate filled liar, a pastor my butt. maybe a pastor for Satan? then vote this idiot in, he speaks well, and carries himself well but underneath the fancy suits and smooth talk he is evil through and through.
Georgia do you like how the world is going now? If so vote for the evil liar that is ok with ripping a baby apart in the birth canal because the female carrying it wants it gone.
If you hate where the Washington DC demonrats are killing our country and giving our hard earned money to the enemy so they can beat us. Then besides this nightmare if this POS wins Nancy is running again. They need to put that piece of trash out to the curb. Do you like paying a days work for a half tank of gas? Illegal’s coming flooding in and we are killing our young people with feyntal and no one is trying to stop it. OUR cornpop puppet is to busy trying to keep his crack head, demon child out of jail. We wouldn’t get to stay free.
Think about Georgia, your a beautiful state with a lot of our southern history…Do you want to lose it all? I don’t. Even if you dislike republicans for whatever reason vote Walker to flat out save our country, as a whole red or blue…, white, asians, orientals everyone will benefit if we can stop this stupid green deal woke , sexually perverted party from continuing to destroy us.

22 days ago

All I can say to the good people of Georgia don’t be influenced by who spends more money or places more ads against the other. Think smart but vote smarter.

20 days ago

Warnock needs to be in jail.


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