GOP House Caucus Leader Challenged for Post

Office of Congresswoman Elise Stefanik, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Rep. Byron Donalds (R-FL) has now launched a bid to unseat GOP Conference Chair Elise Stefanik after rough midterms despite promises of a “red wave” for Republicans. Currently, Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy has launched a bid for House speaker while Whip Steve Scalise has launched a bid for Majority Leader, and NRCC Chairman Tom Emmer has launched a bid for whip. As the Daily Caller reports:

Preparing for his second term in office, Donalds would be the most-recently elected member of the leadership team, and the only black member. Most other leadership candidates officially declared their bids Wednesday, circulating letters to the prospective Republican conference. Donalds previewed his messaging proposals for the GOP in a previous interview with the Daily Caller, arguing that the party must expand its outreach to non-traditional media and constituencies.

“Our party needs fresh ideas and perspectives when outlining our commitment to the American people. Over the past two years, it’s been abundantly clear that families across the nation are dissatisfied with the political climate and are desperate for change,” Donalds wrote to the conference in a letter obtained exclusively by the Daily Caller.

Stefanik, who entered leadership in May 2021, also announced her second run Wednesday.

“The media is more focused on their narrative than the needs of the people, and we must bring the message back to serving our constituents, not clickbait. The press isn’t going to do our bidding—it is incumbent upon our members to drive the party’s message across all communication mediums and defend our agenda at every turn.,” Donalds wrote.

The move is a shakeup in the House caucus, which is now divided over the lackluster midterm elections. It is unclear who will back Donalds’ run for the post.

  1. WHOEVER is chosen MUST push the conservative agenda AND get to the bottom of DIMM corruption- Bidens, COVID. Mayorkas!

  2. I am not fond of Rep. Stefanik for this position. I do support Rep. Byron Donald’s run for it though. He is a very energetic speaker and I believe is a true conservative. On another note, I prefer someone else as Speaker of the House over McCarthy. I have little confidence in his conservative creds. Prefer Jim Jordan of Ohio. IF, we take the Senate, I am completely against McConnel as Majority Leader. He is a complete RINO. Prefer Ted Cruz.

  3. McCarthy is a big rhino, just like cocaine mitch,the traitor,both need to be replaced for true conservatives, and independents to vote republican again.All u talking heads whipped up a frenzy of a red wave coming, Did I miss something here,this was a great win for the dumbocraps, and made the repukes look like idiots, and all of the supporters look like fools.U better start listening to your voters, or get dumped like a dumbocrap.”We the people” are sick of getting screwed over by incompetent,lying,politicians on both sides.

  4. The main problem is RINOS within the party. Get the RNC to stop bankrolling traitors and get rid of McConnell. Republicans have to get off the couch and push against the outrageous narratives pushed by the Communist Demorats and take the offensive. They have had plenty of time to do something about voter fraud and we still have the same problems today. The press hated Reagan, but he still got his message to the people. Republicans need to identify Demorats as Communists and globalists whose objective is one party Socialist rule, the destruction of Capitalism, elimination of God from the public square, th4 confiscation of firearms, flooding the country with non Whites to change the demographics of the nation for the vote and using anti White racism to create division. It is outrageous to me that there are still useful idiots voting Demorat while our country continues to burn.


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