Gov. Kemp: ‘Trump Could Lose Georgia’ Without This Change

Photo illustration of President Trump and Georgia Governor Kemp.
Photo illustration of President Trump and Georgia Governor Kemp.

During an appearance on CNN’s “The Source,” Governor Brian Kemp (R-GA) discussed the potential consequences for former President Donald Trump in the upcoming 2024 presidential election. Kemp stressed that Trump could risk losing Georgia, a crucial state, if he continues to dwell on the alleged voter fraud from the 2020 election. The governor emphasized the need for a candidate who can win in Georgia and effectively challenge President Joe Biden.

Kemp highlighted the importance of communicating our objectives to the American public, adopting a forward-looking approach, and revealing our plans. He emphasized that constantly looking back would be counterproductive, saying:

“We need to inform the American populace about our goals. We need to adopt a forward-thinking approach and disclose our plans. We can’t be constantly glancing back,” Kemp emphasized.

CNN anchor Kaitlan Collins inquired about Trump’s prospects in Georgia, given his current lead in the Republican race. Kemp acknowledged that there is a chance for Trump, considering President Biden’s significantly low approval ratings in Georgia. However, he warned that if Trump ignores his advice to focus on his future plans and maintain his campaign’s concentration, he could ultimately lose Georgia, saying:

“I believe he has a chance since President Biden’s approval ratings are substantially low in Georgia right now. However, if he disregards my advice — emphasizing his future plans and maintaining his campaign focus — he could lose Georgia.”

Collins referred to Kemp’s earlier statement at a Republican donor retreat, where he had pointed out that fixating on the 2020 election might alienate swing voters. Kemp reiterated his concern, stating that if Trump continues down this path, he risks losing Georgia’s support in November. He emphasized that voters are less interested in the past and more focused on the future, regardless of their opinions on the previous election. Kemp reiterated his concern, adding:

“If he [Trump] persists on this path, he’s jeopardizing Georgia’s support in November. The electorate is less interested in the past and more concerned with the future, irrespective of their views on the previous election.”

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  3. Look, I am mad too. Biden has really ruined this country! But, as much as I hate to say it, Kemp is right. President Trump needs to focus on what he will DO for the country. THAT is what he did in 2016 and THAT is what he needs to do now! I LOVE President Trump, but I will not vote for him in the primary if he can’t look FORWARD and tell me what he plans to do. I know what DeSantis wants to do, and I LIKE it a lot, so if I don’t hear the same from Trump it will be sayonara!


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