Trump vs. DeSantis Poll Shakes Up 2024 Election

Photo edit of Donald Trump vs Ron DeSantis in the 2024 GOP Primary.
Photo edit of Donald Trump vs Ron DeSantis in the 2024 GOP Primary.
Trump’s Dominance in Polls: Is The 2024 GOP Primary Already Decided?

Trump’s Dominance in Polls

  • Donald Trump leads the Republican primary polls with 62% support from likely voters, as per a CBS News/YouGov survey conducted August 16-18 among 2,061 adults.
  • Ron DeSantis trails significantly at 16%, with other contenders in single digits.
  • A total of 61% of likely GOP primary voters regard Trump as the most “honest and trustworthy.
  • Majority believe that Trump has the strongest chance to defeat President Joe Biden.

GOP Voters’ Expectations and Beliefs

  • 91% of likely Republican voters prefer that candidates focus on their own merits rather than attack Trump in the upcoming debate.
  • 77% believe the Georgia indictments are politically driven and Trump’s efforts to stay in office were legal and constitutional.
  • The poll revealed a desire to hear candidates’ strategies for lowering inflation, combating violent crime, and curtailing illegal immigration.

Insights into Trump’s Supporters and Other Candidates

  • 73% of Trump’s supporters see his legal battles as a reason for backing him.
  • A prevailing view among Trump’s supporters is that the country was better under his presidency.
  • Some hope for other contenders exists, with nearly half of those considering alternatives to Trump “waiting to see the debate,” and about 40% finding Trump “controversial.”

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  3. All the Dems protect their own from corruption, treason and even destroying this county. Yet when President Trump is maliciously and wrongfully presecuted I don’t see any support from these republican candidates, which tells me they won’t come to our defense either


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