THESE Two States Push to REMOVE Trump from 2024 Ballot

Photo edit of President Trump.
Photo edit of President Trump.

RINOs and Democrats Team Up In An Attempt To REMOVE Donald Trump From The 2024 Ballot In THESE Two States.

Efforts to Disqualify Trump in New Hampshire:

In New Hampshire, Republicans are currently engaged in a debate regarding the eligibility of former President Donald Trump for the 2024 election ballot. The State GOP Chair, Chris Ager, is insistent that Trump should be considered for the nomination, emphasizing the necessity of honoring the decisions of primary voters.

Conversely, Bryant “Corky” Messner is expressing doubts about Trump’s eligibility as per the 14th Amendment, Section 3. Although Messner acknowledges and respects Trump’s contributions, he asserts that it is wise to conduct a legal review of Trump’s eligibility to guarantee adherence to the Constitution.

Legal Scholars’ Opinions:

Certain legal experts and advocacy organizations contend that Trump’s behavior related to the January 6 Capitol insurrection might result in disqualification under the 14th Amendment.

Nonetheless, it is essential to acknowledge that this interpretation is not universally accepted among legal professionals, and many argue that there is no legal foundation for disqualification.

Ex-Governor of Arkansas, Asa Hutchinson, also brought up the issue of moral disqualification, but received a divided response from the audience, illustrating why Hutchinson’s support remains at a meager and pitiable 1% – the era of an anti-Trump GOP has passed, and now opposition to Trump is met with jeers.

Florida Law and Trump’s Potential Felony Conviction:

In Florida, a possible felony conviction for Trump might pose a predicament for authorities, including Governor Ron DeSantis. The law in Florida limits the voting rights of ex-felons until they have served their sentence, cleared their fines, and, in certain situations, obtained a pardon from the governor.

Should Trump be found guilty and then appeal, there would be uncertainties regarding his qualification to vote or be listed on the ballot. Although DeSantis and the clemency board could potentially step in, it would be an extraordinary step given that the two candidates are currently in active competition against one another.

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  2. Why is it they do not follow the law and it should be the people the opportunity to choose for themselves. Don’t Trump has not been found guilty of anything yet!! Are they going to remove all Democrats for the fake impeachment made on him? Those were all Democrat lies. So sick of these leaders thinking they have the power to control “we the people”!!!

  3. This whole witch hunt is politically motivated. Biden and he corrupt administration ARE behind this whole BS. Judges setting dates are also corrupt. Taking him off the ballot is so wrong. Majority of people with any brain at all know this is all political and they are doing everything they can to destroy Trump. People need to rally and not let this happen. The Rinos and corrupt Dems need to be stopped with all their BS. Hillary bleaching, burning, deleting files and emails, Biden corrupt as hell getting his pockets lined from Ukraine, China, Russia along with his druggy son. This country is in the worst condition in my life time (70+) and Biden worst President EVER.

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  5. No surprise here – I live in NH and our state is corrupt – the head Rino in Concord – Sununu and his minions behavior is corrupt and its easy to see it if your looking for it – the election in 2020 was corrupt – old Chris and his boys know their days are numbered – that why they can’t allow Trump to take control

  6. I Believe That The DEMOCRATIC Officials Have STEERED THE Public’s Focus Onto President Trump, So That They Can Continue To HIDE The PROOF, That President Biden’s, “ILLEGAL”, Money-Making Deals With Other Countries, Were Profiting Himself And His Family, At American Expense. That Is TREASON. The DEMOCRATS Also Continue To HIDE, Information About Democrat, Rep. Maxine Waters And Her Threats, Against Anyone Opposing Her, In Her Own Words, Telling Democratic Protestors , To Get More CONFRONTATIONAL. That Sounds, To Me, Like Maxine Waters Wants A Physical Fight. This One World Government, That President Biden Said Was Being Set Up, Will Make Slaves Of ALL People. PRESIDENT TRUMP Has Been Trying To SAVE OUR FREEDOM.

  7. this is what rigging the election looks like. the infrastructure is being put in place for the target. what the politically uneducated do not understand about politics, civics and rule of law is why they forge the chain of enslavement. thinking people are not easily enslaved, which is why the education system is vital to the tDs-party. the sad thing is these old protestors of the 1960’s are still the democratic socialist party of old. it is by design they will reap the benefits of power and be passed on so they will never rule over ashes of a once great nation.

  8. I thought that the 14th amendment, 3rd clause was about people who were still loyal to the Confederacy being allowed to vote in US elections and to have US citizenship. If Trump is convicted on this, will Trump appeal all the way to the Supreme Court? I don’t recall Trump telling the people on January 6th to tear down the Capital. He urged them to peaceably protest. We have descended into a 3rd world banana republic.

  9. Well if President Trump should be excluded because of yet another January 6 hoax, then Biden, Clinton, Obama, and all the rest of them for their insurrection against then President Trump should not be allowed to run, NOT to mention the treasonous acts of Biden, Clinton and Obama during the Obama administration. Feel a write in coming up


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