Democrats DITCHING Biden? SHOCKING Poll Shakes-Up Trump 2024

Photo edit of Donald Trump vs Joe Biden in the 2024 Presidential race.
Photo edit of Donald Trump vs Joe Biden in the 2024 Presidential race.

Democrats Find Themselves Divided: Biden’s Enthusiasm Wanes and Trump’s Popularity Continues To Grow Heading Into 2024.

New York Democrats Divided on Biden Nomination

According to a recent Siena Research poll, a schism has emerged within New York’s Democratic ranks regarding the potential renomination of President Joe Biden as the party’s contender for the forthcoming 2024 presidential race. The survey discloses a nearly even split, with 47% of respondents advocating for Biden’s renomination, juxtaposed against 46% who advocate for the exploration of an alternative candidate.

In the realm of potential alternatives, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. garners a modest 10% of support, followed closely by Kamala Harris, whose current approval ratings position her as the vice president with the least favorable ratings in recent American history, securing 8%. Notably, Pete Buttigieg and Bernie Sanders share similar levels of endorsement, each amassing 7% of respondent support.

Concerns about Biden’s Involvement in Hunter’s Business Dealings

The same survey found that 45% of respondents believe that Biden should face an impeachment inquiry in the House of Representatives due to his alleged involvement in corrupt business dealings by his son, Hunter Biden. 54% of independents agree with this sentiment. The survey was conducted from August 13-16 among 803 registered New York voters with a +/- 4.4 percent margin of error.

Concerns about Biden’s Age

A Redfield & Wilton Strategies poll found that 75% of Democrats are at least somewhat concerned about Biden’s ability to perform his job due to his age. If Biden, who is currently 80, is reelected in 2024, he would be 86 at the end of his second term. Only 22% of Democrats said they were not concerned about his age. Additionally, a recent Emerson College survey found Trump leading Biden by two points in a head-to-head matchup, expanding to five points when Green Party candidate Cornel West is included.


Amidst Biden’s concerns regarding his advanced age, the controversies surrounding his son Hunter Biden, and the Democratic Party’s potential shift in focus for the upcoming 2024 election, one undeniable certainty emerges – the remarkable feat of amassing 81 million votes, regardless of its actual occurrence in 2020, seems increasingly unlikely to recur in 2024.

Remarkably, despite facing four indictments, the necessity to engage in the GOP primary race, and unrelenting barrages of media criticism, the pathway to a 2024 candidacy for Trump remains notably unobstructed. The unwavering enthusiasm for Trump persists, seemingly rekindling to levels reminiscent of the fervor observed in 2016, a resurgence that has been further accentuated by the unveiling of Trump’s mugshot.

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