Trump’s Surprise Choice: 2024 V.P. Pick Revealed

Photo edit of Donald Trump and the 2024 GOP field.
Photo edit of Donald Trump and the 2024 GOP field.

Donald Trump Names His 2024 V.P. Favorite.

Trump’s Openness to Ramaswamy as VP

  • Former President Donald Trump indicated in an interview with conservative talk show host Glenn Beck that he is open to considering Vivek Ramaswamy, a 38-year-old biotech entrepreneur, as a potential vice president. Trump described Ramaswamy, saying:

“He’s a very, very, very intelligent person. He’s got good energy, and he could be some form of something,”Trump said, adding “I tell you, I think he’d be very good.”

  • This is significant as it is the most Trump has weighed in on Ramaswamy’s presidential candidacy, and reveals his openness to a younger and arguably more radical anti-Washington unknown. However, Trump also cautioned Ramaswamy about becoming too controversial, urging him to be careful and hold back a little.

Ramaswamy’s Rising Profile

  • Over six months, Ramaswamy transitioned from a largely unknown candidate polling at 1% to a serious contender receiving attacks from GOP contenders, including former Vice President Mike Pence, former U.N. ambassador Nikki Haley, and former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie.
  • Ramaswamy increased his brand recognition by actively defending Trump against the multiple indictments he’s faced, as well as participating in media interviews, including combative ones, and campaigning vigorously in Iowa and New Hampshire.
  • Ramaswamy largely aligns with Trump on most policy issues, such as abolishing the Department of Education and launching military strikes against Mexico.

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