NEW: Trump’s Chances in Must-Win State, SHOCKING Polling Numbers

Photo edit of Donald Trump and the 2024 GOP field.
Photo edit of Donald Trump and the 2024 GOP field.

Latest Polling Numbers Could Make Or Break Trump’s Chances In THIS Must-Win State.

Trump’s Dominance in Iowa Poll

  • Former President Donald Trump has a significant lead with 49% of the primary vote in the Emerson Iowa poll, far ahead of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis at 14%.
  • Both Trump and DeSantis experienced a dip in support since May, falling by 13 and 6 percentage points respectively.
  • South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott and businessman Vivek Ramaswamy gained traction, each rising by 5 percentage points from May to September.

Voter Dynamics and Education

  • Trump’s primary support comes from voters without a college degree. However, his backing decreases to 28% among college graduates and further to 27% for those with postgraduate degrees.
  • DeSantis gets 24% support from college graduates, which reduces to 16% from postgraduates. In contrast, Haley captures 20% of the postgraduate vote.

Democratic Candidates and Biden’s Performance

  • Support for Democratic candidates President Joe Biden, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., and author Marianne Williamson decreased. Biden’s support notably plunged by 19 percentage points since May.
  • The “undecided” category witnessed a significant rise of 24% from May to September.
  • 54% of the polled participants disapprove of Biden’s presidential performance, with 37% identifying the economy as the nation’s top concern.

Additional Note: The poll had 896 participants and a margin of error of ±3.2 percentage points.

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