5.) Claire McCaskill

  • 2018-09-10
  • Source: TTN
  • by: TTN Staff
5.)	Claire McCaskill
By Mark Schierbecker from Wikimedia Commons

For McCaskill the Kavanaugh vote is an all or nothing shot at re-election in 2018, as the Miami Herald explains:

The same week that other Democrats relentlessly grilled Judge Brett Kavanaugh and progressive activists occupied Senate offices, Sen. Claire McCaskill complimented the federal judge’s intelligence.

But in the next sentence, she listed reasons she has doubts about whether he should become a Supreme Court justice.

Progressive Democrats are getting impatient with McCaskill, as the Missouri Democrat refuses to say how she plans on voting on President Donald Trump’s nominee or even comment on his testimony to the Senate Judiciary Committee. She’s waiting until after Kavanaugh submits additional answers to the committee next week.

“There are certainly things in there that tell me that he’s a competent and qualified lawyer… Someone who is smart and understands how the law works, understands the distinctions between administrative law and understands the various branches of government and the checks and balances, so all of that is reassuring,” McCaskill told McClatchy.


 Source: TTN

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