4.) Bill Nelson

Bill Nelson is the senior Senator from Florida and many are speculating that he will vote for Kavanaugh because of Florida’s strong Catholic voter base that will be hesitant to re-elect him if he votes no. The reason a lot of people are speculating that he will vote no is that he doesn’t want to lose his wealthy donors or the blessing of Chucky Chuck Schumer. Here is what a local Floridian paper, Sunshine State News, had to say:

Sen. Nelson, can you finally tell us clueless voters where you stand on Brett Kavanaugh?

All but a handful of senators have declared themselves on President Trump’s nominee for the Supreme Court. Why haven’t you?

I know it’s a tough one, Senator, but come on. You’ve turned a simple question into a dance. 

I can understand your dilemma — on the one hand, afraid to risk waking up more of the Republican base by voting against a selection they clearly admire, and on the other, afraid of invoking the wrath of Democratic Party boss Chuck Schumer and your wealthiest donors.

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