7.) Witnesses The GOP Wants

7.) Witnesses The GOP Wants
Gage Skidmore, Via Wikimedia Commons

Here are several of the witnesses that the GOP wants to see testify in front of Congress:

Devon Archer - Devon Archer is an American Businessman who was a board member at the same gas company Hunter Biden was a board member at. 

Hunter Biden - Hunter Biden is the Son of former Vice-President Joe Biden and is in the midst of a scandal surrounding him and his placement on the board of a Ukrainian Oil company while his father was the Vice-President 

Alexandra Chalupa - Chalupa is a former contractor and staffer for the DNC that has her own political consulting firm. She is a Ukrainian American who has been investigating the Trump administration on and off. 

David Hale - David Hale is the Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs
Tim Morrison - Tim Morrison was the Top US advisor to the President on issues revolving around Europe and Russia. 

Nellie Ohr - Nellie Ohr was involved in the scandal surrounding the original Russia Collusion controversy, namely the creation of the Steele dossier while working for Fusion GPS.

Kurt Volker - Kurt Volker is the former ambassador to NATO and former special representative to Ukraine. 


 Source: TTN Staff

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