9) Bill de Blasio

  • 2019-08-05
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9) Bill de Blasio
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Bill De Blasio

Age: 58
Nickname: “Senator Provolone”
State: New York
Highest Office: Mayor

Known For: A far-left winger who worked as a community organizer and a New York City Council member, his main accomplishment was becoming an outspoken critic of one of the most successful mayors of New York City ever, Michael Bloomberg. A man who had helped, along with Rudy Juliani, to change New York from being a den of crime and poverty into one of the greatest and most envied cities in the world. This was obviously an unacceptable state of affairs to De Blasio, who instead advocated for extreme and unworkable socialist policies.

Since becoming mayor in 2014 he has overseen a significant drop in the quality of life for city residents. He single-handedly mismanaged a snowstorm, signed a bill to issue city benefit cards to illegal aliens, and is considered to have anti-police policies by his own police department while overseeing a significant rise in the murder rate. 

Why Trump Will Beat Him: De Blasio’s extreme left-wing views combined with his bizarre persona and utter lack of positive charisma make him an automatic loser against a President as popular as Donald Trump.

The Bottom Line: Forget about it. This is a washout.
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 Source: TTN

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