Gowdy Calls Out Glaring Problem With Mueller's Testimony

  • 2019-07-25
  • Source: TTN
  • by: TTN Staff
Former Representative Trey Gowdy has called out a glaring problem with evidenced by Mueller's testimony.

Gowdy pointed out that the answers given by Mueller prove he was not familiar with the report and likely did not author it.

According to The Daily Caller:

Gowdy, who appeared on a Fox News panel moderated by anchor Bret Baier, argued that Mueller’s testimony made it clear that most of the report had been authored by his team, which made issues concerning the bias of the team all the more relevant.


Gowdy then pointed out that Mueller had not appeared engaged and seemed to not be aware of some of the information that was in his own report. “The person who learned the most about the Mueller report today was Bob Mueller. I say that sadly. He was not engaged. He didn’t interview the witnesses. He clearly didn’t write the report, which means those under him did, which means the issue of bias is all the more important.”

Several of the Republicans on both the House Judiciary and Intelligence Committees had addressed the topic of bias among members of Mueller’s team, but the former special counsel did not give substantive answers to most of their questions.

“It was a terrible day if you were a Democrat,” Gowdy concluded. “I do want to give them credit for this. They managed to have a hearing without calling a convicted felon as a witness. I don’t want us to overlook that.”

Gowdy also stated that the only thing the Democrats are closer to is wishing this never happened.

 Source: TTN

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