Leaked Report Reveals Plot to Impeach Trump

Hillary Clinton’s people weren’t out of work for long. 

David Brock, the conservative pundit turned Clinton disciple who once ran Media Matters for America, hosted a conference with a bunch of top liberal donors this weekend, and discussed their plot to sabotage Donald Trump’s presidency.

In a leaked memo obtained by the Washington Free Beacon, Brock revealed his plot: Impeach Donald Trump. As the report details:

According to the private and confidential memo, Brock plans to defeat Trump “through impeachment,” using American Bridge, his liberal super PAC, as the main vehicle to do so.

“No other progressive organization has the resources and assets that American Bridge has amassed over the past several election cycles to hold Trump, his administration, and the politicians accountable,” the 44-page confidential memo states.

“Only Bridge stands ready with staff already hired, Trump’s web of business ties mapped out, and a massive video archive at our fingertips.”

“The right will bolster Trump aggressively and deceptively. The campaign to stop him must be nonstop. At American Bridge, it has already begun.”

Brock’s group claims to have more than 20,000 hours of video, 289 candidate research books, and the largest available archive of Trump research in the Democratic Party. Within weeks of the election, Bridge launched a “Trump War Room,” which has already scrutinized Trump’s transition team and will continue to watch the personnel, policies, and practices of the administration.

This leaked memo should serve as a reminder: The battle for the heart and soul of America has just begun, and liberals will stop at nothing to sabotage Donald Trump’s plan to make America great again.


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