Radical Muslims Riot in this Major City (UPDATED)


7:55pm: Another apparent attack in Sweden:

Sweden is overrun with radical, ghettoized Muslims, and the situation has become dire. As the AP reports:


Swedish police on Tuesday were investigating a riot that broke out overnight in a predominantly immigrant suburb in Stockholm after officers arrested a suspect on drug charges.

The clashes started late Monday when a police car arrested a suspect and people started throwing stones at them in Rinkeby, north of Stockholm. Unidentified people, including some wearing masks, also set cars on fire and looted shops.

One officer was slightly injured when a rock hit his arm and one person was arrested for throwing rocks, police spokesman Lars Bystrom said Tuesday. Some civilians who tried to stop the looters were also assaulted, he added.

Another officer fired his gun, not as a warning shot but because he was “in a situation that demanded he used his firearm,” Bystrom said, adding “no one was hit.”

Note the use of “predominantly immigrant suburb.” What type of immigrants, we wonder? Well, the kind Donald Trump warned us about in a speech that earned him the derision of the lamestream media:


Anyway, we wish the people of Sweden the best and hope they’re able to turn this sinking ship around. That said, what’s happening there should be a wakeup call for all of Europe. 


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