Hannity Exposes Anti-Trump Protesters In London

During President Trump’s visit to the United Kingdom protestors filled the streets. Fox News’ Sean Hannity decided to join them ask them what specifically they were protesting. The answers were not surprising, they did not know.

According to The Western Journal:

There’s no denying that some people in England have their royal pantaloons in a wad over another nation’s election choices, but it looks like many are completely clueless as to why.

During man-on-the-street interviews in London, Fox News commentator Sean Hannity had a hell of a time getting Brits to even explain what they were protesting.

“Hannity asked the protesters to list specific reasons why they were protesting Trump, a question that exposed the absurdity of the protests — and as Hannity said: ‘You can’t make this stuff up,’” summarized TheBlaze.

“I’m here for all the hate Trump exudes. Yep,” commented another protester, without elaborating on which policies or statements were the problem.

Apparently just being bad was their reason for taking to the streets. Hannity did a great job exposing the lack of purpose from the protestors.

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