1.) Hand Gesture Meltdown

One of the most commonly espoused liberal myths is that the archetypal OK symbol you make with your hands is a racist symbol that means white power. This doesn’t do much except reaffirm the belief that liberals are unhinged completely and will jump on anything just to scream. No, the OK sign is not racist, it means OK. The idea that it is racist comes from a group of online trolls that wanted to show how dumb liberals are, and yes, they succeeded in this effort.

The reason we are talking about this nonsense is that a woman made this gesture behind Kavanaugh during the first day of his confirmation hearing. Liberals took it and ran with it as a dog whistle to all the white supremacist in America that this was their guy, too bad that is totally fake news. We can’t help but feel bad for this woman who was probably just scratching her arm and popped the symbol absentmindedly, the vicious left might stop serving her at their restaurants now much like how they stopped serving Republican leaders.

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