More Questions Than Answers Arise Over Rep. Omar’s Marriage History

Shocking new revelations have emerged concerning far-left congresswoman Ilhan Omar after President Trump remarked on the persistent rumors that she had married her brother. The remarks caused a firestorm of criticism, still, it now appears that there may be far more to the president’s claims than just rumors. 

The Daily Mail reported on Thursday that it appears quite likely that Omar may have engaged in bigamy (having more than one spouse) as she was apparently living with both her current husband and former husband in the same house in North Dakota simultaneously.

Furthermore a picture of Omar with both her current and ex-husband which allegedly verifies the claims of bigamy has been circulating online for the past several years.

Omar married her first husband in accordance with Islamic law in a shariah ceremony in 2002. Her second husband shares her father’s last name, this has lead to speculation that they may in fact be related by blood.

While such an arraignment may not currently be common in Omar’s Somali culture, it is, according to a detailed report on the topic compiled by the Norweigian Immigration Service, not at all unheard of.

So there may be far more to these claims than Omar or her defenders may like to admit. Though they remain, as of right now, unverified allegations, they certainly warrant further investigation.

Especially in light of the fact that Omar and her aides seem utterly incapable of explaining exactly what the status of her marriages are.

For instance one of her aides made the following, disturbing statement on the issue: “we are probably in a position where giving real background information is helpful in tying this up. That said, having… to write a statement multiple times that says, ‘I’m not legally married to two people but I am legally married to one and culturally married to another’…it’s…making it even more confusing.” (Emphasis Added)

Regardless Americans, in particular, those living in the district Omar represents, deserve to know the truth about whether or not their representative has engaged in bigamy and/or incest.

After all, as the old saying goes: “where there’s smoke, there’s usually fire.”


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