These GOP Senators May Change What Impeachment Looks Like

Impeachment has picked up steam once again as Pelosi finally moves to quit stalling and hand the documents over to the Senate. As these documents go to the Senate, Republicans and Democrats will have a whole host of new fights to take up over things like witnesses, the process, and the scheduling. 

The issue of scheduling the trial and the important dates where certain witnesses are present or when votes are held will come into play for impeachment. Remember, some of the Democrats that will be involved in the impeachment process are also running for President. These candidates are effectively out of the race if impeachment moves slowly, Bernie Sanders who has quickly become one of the front runners in the race will be unable to campaign while the impeachment debate rages on. One may speculate that these Democrats might sack the efforts of Pelosi in an attempt to secure a nomination for Warren or Sanders.

Another big flash in the pan for the upcoming impeachment trial is witnesses and what they might say. Before any witnesses even get a chance to speak it must be decided if they will even be allowed in the trial. This has been the primary point of concern online and in the media now that the trial is to take place soon.     


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