Fired Former Ukraine Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch Calls Trump a Dictator?

Following the acquittal of President Trump the former Ukraine Ambassador, he fired appeared to call him a dictator.

According to Fox News:

Former U.S. ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch accused the Trump administration of “undermining” American political ideals and called for Americans to “fight” for democracy in a Washington Post op-ed published Thursday.

Yovanovitch, who was removed from her post in May 2019 amid a campaign against her by Trump associates, alternated between dire warnings and hope for the future in the wake of the president’s acquittal Wednesday in his Senate impeachment trial.

“I have seen dictatorships around the world, where blind obedience is the norm and truth-tellers are threatened with punishment or death,” she wrote. “We must not allow the United States to become a country where standing up to our government is a dangerous act.”

Yovanovitch continued, claiming that “the last year has shown that we need to fight for our democracy,” and that Americans must “stand up for our values, defend our institutions, participate in civil society and support a free press.”

Many on the left have claimed that Trump is destroying Democratic institutions while also working to destroy them because “Trump is bad.”

The problem with this argument becomes that if Trump was a dictator he would not have been impeached. The Democratic institutions worked exactly as they were designed in this instance.

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