White House Economic Adviser Kevin Hassett Departing Administration

I, Daniel Schwen via Wikimedia Commons

White House economic adviser Kevin Hassett is leaving the administration for the second time.

Hassett came back to the admin earlier this year to help out with the coronavirus response.

According to The Hill:

Axios reported Monday that Hassett, who previously served on the White House economic counsel and returned to the administration this spring to assist with President Trump’s response to the coronavirus pandemic, plans to depart in the weeks ahead.

Hassett’s reported exit comes after another member of the economic council, Andrew Olmem, left his position in recent days.

Hassett, a conservative economist who previously worked at the American Enterprise Institute, was one of the voices in the White House promoting the use of face masks and warning about fallout from the coronavirus pandemic, Axios noted. He has also warned about adverse effects to the U.S. economy if state shutdowns remained in place for very long.

“You really can’t shut down the global economy for six months and expect anything to continue,” he said on CNN during an interview in March.

The White House has not commented on the departure of Hassett who was a leading voice for a second round of a large-scale coronavirus relief.

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