Trump Cuts Off Major Interview, Rudy Hands Over Hard Drive, Trump Drops Hammer on Biden

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Trump Cuts Off Interview With 60 Minutes Early, Threatens to Release Footage

President Donald Trump gave an interview to “60 Minutes” with Leslie Stahl but reportedly cut it off early.

He’s now threatening to release the footage before the interview airs to give everyone a glimpse of “what a FAKE and BIASED interview is all about”.

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Trump Drops Hammer on Biden at Arizona Rally

President Donald Trump went on the road this week to do what he does best: rally supporters.

Trump took the stage for a rally in Tuscon, AZ on Monday to the chants “USA! USA! By his supporters.

But what Trump said to them moments later really got them going.


Giuliani Turns Over Hunter Biden’s Hard Drive

Rudy Giuliani’s efforts to tarnish Joe Biden’s presidential campaign continued in Delaware when he visited a New Castle County police station Monday to share files from what he said was Hunter Biden’s laptop.

“They’ve got a hard drive, or a laptop, or something to that effect. They try to turn it over to New Castle County PD. New Castle County PD calls us,” said Mat Marshall, a spokesman for Delaware Attorney General Kathy Jennings.

Jennings’ office subsequently gave the device to the FBI because the federal agency reportedly had opened an investigation into the veracity of claims about the origin of the laptop and how its alleged contents were shared with Giuliani’s team, Marshall said.

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Former RNC Chairman Officially Endorses Biden in Op-Ed

Former RNC Chairman and member of the anti-Trump Lincoln project has officially endorsed Joe Biden for president.


Trump Campaign Set to Release Explosive Ads Slamming Biden

The Trump campaign is set to release five new ads targeting Democrat nominee Joe Biden at midnight. The ads focus on a range of issues from Hunter Biden’s dirty dealings with Ukraine to Biden’s proposed tax increases. The ad buy centers on Trump’s “promises made promises kept” campaign theme and blast Biden as a career politician who had done little in his nearly five decades in office.



    1. Maybe Bill Barr should get a search warrant and go to Biden’s homes like Roger Stone and bring a swat team, helicopters and have Fox News there versus CNN. They might find some more incriminating evidence and make sure to check the basement?

      Proud Veteran & Patriot

      1. It was Kommie La-la Harris, I believe, who had dave daleidin subpoenaed, with a near swat team arriving at his residence, police dogs, assault rifles and more – all because he exposed alleged illegal activities of the abortion industry. Do you think she will treat you any better? Out with dems.

    1. i also agree Trump is not taking their bs and he should do the same at the upcoming debate Thurs. They have another left wing Democrat moderator that is a known Trump hater and donated to Obama, Hillary and Biden. They also have changed the rules that will benefit Biden or Democrats because they can mute candidates. Trump will not be able to properly defend his actions or ask Biden about corruption.
      If Welkerstarts the same blame game like Wallace and Savannah, he should say if you are going to be politically biased and not ask Biden pertinent questions this debate for me is over.

  2. Please release the interview with Leslie Stahl so we can see the complete bias, as if we didn’t know already. 60 Min had Fauci on and it was infuriating because he couldn’t hide his anti-Trumpism. He adored Hillary and contributed and voted for her in 2016 and now he is being held up to the Gold Standard? In our book he is Rasputin!

  3. One question that nobody in the news media including FOX News has not asked about the Hunter Biden email scandal , staring us right in the face American voters!!!Did President Obama know about the foreign bribery payoffs, give his approval in exchange for a kick back from it??? He had to know or was totally dumb and stupid as President !! Food for thought as American voters in the 2020 election !!!!

    1. I was wondering how O and his wife could afford to move into a 9 million dollar estate on the meager amounts of money they have made in their working lives.

    2. I believe he knew and participated. IF we ever get the total printouts of the communication on Hunter’s lap top, we will probably know. I sure hope there are numerous copies of those, in numerous hands.

    3. Of course he knew: The $4 billion he gave Ukraine was INTENDED to be laundered and filtered back into democrat party coffers.
      I’m surprised nobody has investigated that angle.

  4. Let’s not forget to focus on evil Kommie-la la Harris! If Demonrats claim a win, it will immediately be President Harris. What country do we move to? Lord, have mercy on us.

  5. Lesson…Collin Kaepernick started a movement against the police and American flag on national tv during a sports event …One person with national exposure screwed up sports as we know it….Aikman and Buck criticized a fly over as a waste of money and said it won’t happen after the election…That money comes out of the DOD budget…They were caught buy a hot mic…They just rooted for Biden…They are spineless sheep just as is the prejudice of fake news…These aren’t journalist they are pre determined sheep…Imagine your history books written by these quack’s…

  6. Maybe he should just cancel this debate or walk out before the moderator has a chance to lie, accuse and blame him? I personally would Like to see Trump rallies because then we get to hear him without corrupt moderators, interruptions or insults. Bottom line, Trump can do more for his campaign doing rallies than having the Democrats get up their and control the debate!
    You can bet if the tables were turned the Democrats would say the moderator was man or woman-splaining Joe Biden. If Obama was running for the office this crap would not be happenIng, because it would be called racism by the Dems and fake news.
    Proud Veteran & Patriot

  7. The coverage of Rudy and a hard drive is inaccurate and confusing, better that nothing was said until you get the facts right


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