How Amy Coney Barrett Could Be Trump’s Greatest Accomplishment

Joe Ravi via Wikimedia Commons

The recent decision on the Wisconsin ballot case demonstrates that Justice Roberts can still be trusted to deliver conservative decisions from the bench. Why the change, after writing opinions that fall more in line with Marxist agitator Ginsburg than conservative stalwarts like Thomas and Scalia? Trump finally put enough of our people on the bench to give Roberts a backbone.

It has been clear for decades that the SCOTUS is becoming politicized to a degree that would be appalling to America’s founders. Justices Thomas, Roberts, and Scalia made valiant efforts to save it, but the institution is now another political battleground. Without the fire from Scalia, though, the “conservative” justices have favored moderation, meaning they tend to give the left what it wants. 

Ginsburg’s presence was part of the problem. A “balanced” supreme court has always meant a continuous leftward drift: conservative justices play nice, leftist agitators play hardball. With a solid majority of conservative voices on his team, though, it looks like Roberts might finally be willing to start playing the right game and winning for sensible, conservative Americans.

It took no time at all for Roberts to recognize the game Wisconsin is playing at with their mail-in ballots – but there was plenty of chance to get mealy-mouthed about it and let Trump lose. The ACB confirmation gave him all the reason he needed to rule in favor of Trump (and actual justice, not “justice” as defined by the Communists).

It’s speculation, of course, but if this is the effect ACB is having on the court, just wait until Clarence Thomas makes his honorable exit during Trump’s next term. Playing hardball with the Left is the way we win back the country – and that’s exactly what Trump does.

Ryan Highland has an MA in Social Science and is an independent researcher and writer from Atlanta, GA.


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