Assistant Dean Declares ‘All White People are Racist’ While Defending Critical Race Theory

Craig Talbert, CC BY 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Kate Slater, assistant dean at Brandeis University, declared in an Instagram post that all white people, including herself, are racists.

According to Fox News:

“Yes, all White people are racist in that all White people have been conditioned in a society where one’s racial identity determines life experiences/outcomes and Whiteness is the norm and the default. That includes me!” read an all-caps Instagram post from Slater, who serves as assistant dean of student affairs.

Her comments touched on a raging debate over critical race theory and how public institutions discussed racism in the fallout of George Floyd’s death.

Many colleges have promoted materials asserting that racial minorities face systemic injustices that are perpetuated by White people. Critics, like Chris Rufo, have argued that these types of ideas constitute a form of “neo-racism.”

“‘Debates’ about critical race theory,” Slater said, “are often straw men for debates about whether or not systemic racism is real. And no number of statistics or facts that I could offer are going to convince people to ‘see’ systemic racism if they don’t want to.”

Slater is an “anti-racist scholar and educator”

  1. Floyd was a f*cking gangster, fools like this educated idiot furthers the erroneous stereotype that all whites are racist. Ask any black what they think of mexicans,,they would say something like “taco benders”, “wet back”, etc. how many orientals or south americans live in black neighborhoods? Nope, black are the most racist group in America, maybe they world.

    1.    After 4 years of Uncle Joe there may not be a country. Then in 20 years it will be a majority black country and be controlled by leaders (?) with 75 to 85 IQ’s. Look at all of the medical breakthroughs, and inventions that came out of Africa. There was the ‘waive a chicken wing’ treatment for evil spirits, and the stone nose ring. 
        Then in the USA there was the wear your pants below your butt so people could see your beautiful underwear. And let’s not forget hats on sideways, ten gold chains, and gold teeth, doing the Tweak, and purple pants. One more brilliant thing has to be mentioned, and that is carjacking. This is really smart! Carjack a car with a baby in it, drive around for a half hour and get charged with auto theft and kidnapping. Home invasion is another one. Break into a home, steal the TV, beat-up the 90 year old occupants, and get charged with burglary and aggravated assault. Let us not forget, mother as a half word. 

  2. Kate Slater is as totally unhinged as the country of Spain. Spain has just introduced a set of stamps for letters that are valued by color, the darkest being the cheapest and most worthless while the lightest are the most expensive and valuable. Spain says it’s to fight racism. What it is is a major insult to dark people. Slater wise up. You are playing the fool.

  3. What an ABSOLUTE IDIOT this so-called Asst. Dean is, I hope the Parents of those Students attending this Brandeis University realize this Woman who is supposed to be educating your CHILDREN is a complete “LOONEY TUNES” and get their CHILDREN into a TRUE “INSTITUTION OF HIGHER LEARNING” that ACTUALLY educates their Students on those Subjects, etc. that prepare them for entering the World of Business and Job Hunting Success…..Perhaps this so-called University will think “long and hard” as to whether to keep this IDIOT on their Faculty…..I am a Proud WHITE PERSON who, because of color of my skin, is not a RACIST, BIGOT and especially not a WHITE SUPREMACIST (whatever the hell that is as no Liberal Lunatic can give you a proper definition because there is no such viable information) I would like for the rest of We White People to disavow any connection to this Idiot Woman and her ethnicity since she does not seem to have one, unless she can check the “other” category!

  4. If Whites is racist then I think that they should pull their kids out of these Schools. And form their own schools.These people that are calling white people racist they themselves are racist. And if there racist I sure don’t want my kids around them. If you look around everybody is racist because of their race

  5. It’s time to send college age youngsters to good colleges like Hillsdale and Ave Maria where they will get a valuable education instead of “woke” indoctrination.

  6. Judging people based on the color of their skin coupled with assumptions about their lived experience sure sounds racist to me. Her definition of racism isn’t actually about racism at all, it is a straw man for communism. Of course no amount of common sense or data will convince her otherwise because self-loathing is the height of progressive thought.

  7. Another flaming idiot university slug calling people racist. Let’s sue her for slander! Class action suit against the university and her. Watch her change her tune when money gets involved.

  8. It is obvious she is saying such things for attention–the question is attention from whom. Maybe she has a black boyfriend or girlfriend she is trying to impress. Maybe she is positioning for a better job, a book deal, who knows. Maybe she’s compensating or being so unattractive? No one with intelligence makes such inflammatory comments without an agenda. Liberals, who believe they are smarter than everyone else, know how to garner an audience simply by insulting them with pseudo intellectual snobbery. She is no exception.

  9. I do agree 100% that racism is a learned mind set. However, when any person is raised to see all people as people, they simply don’t judge by the color of ones skin. Only a true racist person would do so. It must really suck to hate ones self for being what they were rased to be, and think with this form of mind set. I know that is is called “Racist to say I don’t see the color of a persons skin, just as it is to say I do. I judge people by their character, if you act like thug, your a thug. Act like a bully and I see it, I will do my best to put to end to it.

  10. I have spent all my life trying to treat everybody right, fair and honest. I have been screwed over many times being a nice guy. My color blind glasses are fading and I care less and less everyday. I’m tired of being accused of everything racist that I never did and just because I’m White. Now blacks are calling for the “killing of everything white” OK, MF bring it on! I may go done, but not before I take as many as possible of you with me. There will be NO RULES of ENGAGEMENT! Don’t care if it’s a 6 year old kid or 90 year old. You start it your a target. NO Prisoners, NO Limit! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! Stay in your HOOD and fight it out among yourselves since you don’t want Police. That will thin your numbers before you come after me. Sorry to say many good people on both sides will be killed for no reason. GOOD LUCK!

  11. Now that this idiot has bowed at the altar of BLM she will be accepted into the woke society and be the darling in the faculty lounge. I bet she won’t be disciplined in any way just like Cuomo who will be re-elected and wear all his charges as a badge of honor.


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