Oklahoma Gov. Halts Nonbinary Birth Certificates

White House [Public Domain]

Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt has signed an executive order to stop the state’s health department from issuing nonbinary birth certificates.

The Hill reports:

The order mandates the Oklahoma State Department of Health to “cease amending birth certificates” in any way that is inconsistent with state law, and to “remove from its website any reference to amending birth certificates” that doesn’t align with state law.

Stitt further urged the Oklahoma state legislature to “immediately pass legislation that will clarify, to the extent necessary, that changes in sex or gender on a birth certificate, or a designation of non-binary is contrary to Oklahoma law.”

Stitt’s mandate referenced a settlement that the health department entered, under which the agency is required “to amend birth certificates in a manner not permitted under Oklahoma Law.”

According to local NBC affiliate KFOR, Kit Vivien Lorelied, who identifies as nonbinary, filed a federal lawsuit against the health department in August 2020 after the department denied their request have a name and sex change on their Oklahoma birth certificate in December 2019.

Ultimately, as part of the settlement with Lorelied, the health department issued a nonbinary birth certificate.

  1. “Follow the science! Follow the science! Follow the science!” screams the left.
    XX and XY chromosomes ARE SCIENCE! TWO genders! Fantasy genders are, by definition, NOT real! I repudiate the leftists ‘make believe’, DANGEROUS delusions.

  2. This selecting a sex, or gender on a new born baby, at birth, that is contrary to the actual gender of the baby has to stop. Parents, who should know better than to make such a poor decision, need to wake up and give that child the opportunity to grow normally. The parents deciding on some fictional non-binary gender is a dangerous precedent. And it will give those parent free rein to influence the biological health of their baby. A baby boy or girl is born, and because of woke parents, they are going to push that child towards a gender they prefer, not the biological gender the parents prefer. That is truly sick.

  3. Good . Allowing non binary.. Little kids will grow up wondering if they are male or female. Demented mentally ill parents will force a child into a gender role that they prefer rather then what the child was birthed. Then the society has now created more mentally drug dependant adults that engage in gay reltionships. Pedophilia will become legal auntil they discover themself,Etc.Etc..

  4. God ,our Creator, made it very clear that you are either a male or female-PERIOD. No ITS, XXS, XYS or whatever name you dream up . Two genders are male or female. Need to stop this idiotic BS and come to reality. May GOD forgive us all for letting this happen on our watch.


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