Former Obama Aide Goes on Expletive-ridden Rant Against Sen. Sinema

By Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America - Kyrsten Sinema, via Wikimedia Commons

It’s no secret that the Democrat party is ridden with hypocrites but this takes the cake.

A former high-level staffer to President Obama went on an R-rated rant against Arizona Senator Kyrsten Sinema during a podcast interview with “Pod Save America.” Alyssa Mastromonaco called the sitting U.S. senator a “c***” because she refused to side with Democrats’ push to end the filibuster.

Fox News reports:

“You guys, I have real issues with her,” Mastromonaco said. “They are many-fold.”

“She talks about the ‘disease of division,’” Mastromonaco said about the senator. “She gave the speech as Joe Biden was on [his] way up to the Hill. So anyway, it’s the s—tiest, grossest, most disrespectful thing she could’ve done. I think she’s a c—. That’s what I have to say.”

As the hosts of the podcast chuckled at Mastromonaco’s disrespectful language as they asked if the exchange would need to be edited out before publication.

“No, because I’m a woman,” Mastromonaco replied. “I’m a woman, OK?”

Then she continued, “It was so many layers of a—holeness, like you know that she played a combative video game before she went down to the Senate floor, and was like, ‘You are a maverick. You are a maverick!’ And b—-, you’re not a maverick. OK? No. You’re trash.”

So much for the party of supporting women…

Watch the clip HERE.

[jwplayer 4zUBv4Ly-lzmB6GEw]

      1. Only traitors and Pedophile/Globalist/Satanic people need fear President Trump because he is on the side of truth, law and order. If you dont like it, go back to Nazi Germany

      2. Your another waste of sperm! /i guess as a republican against abortion I was wrong, I’m sorry. I now feel abortion should be made mandatory for all democrats! You people are wasting, “breathing” our good air!

  1. Sick woman needs immediate psychological help. Social media allows this type of language but sensors/cancels Americans who invoke their First Amend. Rights! True Socialism in work.

      1. Social media is privately owned.
        You have absolutely no right to make them publish you.
        Trump can tell you all about it.

          1. yes and I would do away with deductions, all deductions and have an 18% tax rate on ALL INCOME INCLUDING THE MILLIONS FOREIGN GOVERNMENTS ARE GIVING OUR POLITICIANS

        1. Absolutely private ownership. Now its time for congress to break up the monopoly and the converted action of the privately held companies.
          Imagine what would happen if the oil companies conspired as does social media to raise prices on all democrats. All hell would break loose and you kn ow it!

      2. President Trump has done more for this country then that godless imbecile in a fake whitehouse!!! Biden and his minons days are coming to an end!! He is an imposter illegitimate pedophile, murder and the majority of Americans hate him

      1. Trump may have been crude to all you panty waist MFers but he was the best president we’ve had in my 49 yrs of living. He was True Red,White, and Blue ! Fuck China, Russia, and the Leftist ! O’mar,Pressley,Cortez,and Tliab Fuck you too!

  2. PELOSI CHEATS, WHERE ARE THE INSIDE TRADER INVESTGATIONS, CONFLICTS OF INTEREST, DEMOCRATS SAY FXXX YOU AMERICA. Former White House doctor Ronny Jackson has called for President Joe Biden to undergo a cognitive test, citing his shocking performance during his Wednesday press conference marking his first year in office.Everybody is stupid except joe biden, and of course the smartest man he ever met, was hunter biden, the corrupt fantasies of joe biden’s world of criminallly insane bull shit. The biden crime family should be forced to return all the money they have accepted from Russia and China. Pay to play is a crime against the the United States when they broke the oath trust of his sworn office.

    1. At the moment there is no law against a member of Congress from buying, holding or selling stock.
      More Republicans hold individual stocks than Democrats.
      Republicans are more sophisticated when it comes to money.
      That is why they are so rich.

      1. You may be right however there is a law against insider trading Feinstein & hubby Pelosi & hubby/ What was ever done about it. Look what was done to Martha Stewart. “LET’S GO BRANDON”

  3. I’m confused. Who’s the C***T here? The one with the biggest, FILTHIEST MOUTH. And believe me, Ms. MastroC…that is YOU.

      1. Thank you for your service.
        Have you been back to give the Vietnamese people the opportunity to personally thank you for removing their yoke of Communism.
        And domination by the French, the Russians, the Chinese and the Americans.
        Thanks to your sacrifices Vietnam is a true Republic, just like the United States.
        Does it warm your heart when ever you see a Made In The Republic of Vietnam label at Walmart?.
        They make excellent T shirts, well worth the price.

  4. Democrats use the foulest, gutter language. It shows their IQ and their disrespect for us, the disrespect for our country, the disrespect for the office they hold, disrespect for even the democrat party, and themselves. They demolish their credibility, their prestige, their integrity, their reliability, their trustworthiness, their honesty, their dependability, their scruples, their rectitude, their morality, their decency, and they show their lack to be civil to anyone.

    These people do not belong in our government’s highest offices, because they are the low life of civilization. They don’t know how to conduct themselves in a civil society. If they don’t get their selfish warped way they resort to name calling, gang up bullying, character assassinations, smear and slander tactics, expressly to destroy those they target. Working with others is out of the question, they revert to cave man brutality and cruelty. This is why these people are taking us BACKWARDs OUT of civilization.

    1. It appears it is alright as long as you are a democrat as they are never made accountable for there wrong doings.


  6. This potty mouth Obama aid sounds like a low life thug, with foul mouth and foul talk and foul leftist ideology.

      1. As they should. The purpose of the Senate is supposed o be to slow down the House and take time to debate and consider whether the legislation at hand is constitutional and good for the country. Without the filibuster the Senate would just be a rubber stamp for the House and/or the White House.

      2. What’s your point? The minority party was intended to use it to stall a vote, right from the beginning – it’s the reason it’s there. For either party to use.

  7. What the democommunists were trying to do goes beyond the pale. They were trying to eliminate a long standing Senate rule so they could force through an election steal bill that would not have stood constitutional muster anyway. They have agitated about getting rid of the Electoral College, and they very much want to stack the supreme court by having Brandon expand it to 13 justices. You cannot be anymore open about how anti-American you are. The democommunist party are full-blown communists, authoritarians and totalitarians. They need to go the way of the dodo.

  8. Another self-important Obumble queer appointee, millennial piece of garbage calling her fellow party Satancrat the C word, now that’s just par for the course isn’t it.
    Now they can kiss Sinema’s backside for her vote for another uppity affirmative action judge!! It’s feminazi’s like her that make men want to RUN, from their big mouths and self entitlement!

  9. That is typical language for an Obama scum bag!! She is the one who is trash !!!!! Sinema has class and that lowlife troll needs to be kicked to the curb!! She’s another godless do nothing skank and Sinema can easily win re election from americans because democrats are criminals!!!

  10. Maybe Mummy should have washed her mouth our with carbolic soap as a child. Everyone has the right to think for themselves. When corrupt Politicians dont like the way things are going then they try to change the rules to suit themselves. Democrats dont care about law and order at all, only what benefits themselves


  12. When are Democrats like Kyrsten Sinema and Joe Manchin going to go truly woke and understand what their party has become? Hateful people like Alyssa Mastromonaco are the face of the Democrat Party now which is run by people who hate our freedom, liberty and values so are out to destroy the traditional America we love only to replace it with a dictatorship akin to China, Cuba, Soviet Union, Venezuela or North Korea. Alyssa Mastromonaco wouldn’t care because her connections would put her near the top of the food chain but the rest of us will just do without. The useful idiots pushing this by protesting and rioting in the streets would be the first to be eliminated because troublemakers cannot be allowed in those societies.

  13. Who is this cunt, what has she done for america, i haven’t seen anything positive from her. I think we should just ignore the beauch. Waste of time even to talk about her. Her language says it all, it explains her morals, her intellect, and her commieness. I do not want to read about her at all. No interest what so ever, the social skills of a gnat.

  14. All Mastromonaco has accomplished is to prove what we already know. The Obozo admin was as stupidly anti-American as she is. Don’t like it here…..move out.

  15. These foul-mouthed libs serve as our best ally. They turn off all decent people. These hate-filled libs will get a good shellacking come November!

  16. The feckless vagina that berated Sinema unequivocally proves that liberalism is an incurable mental disease that can only be fixed with a brain transplant because her first labotomy did not work.

  17. Leave it to a democrap like Obama to dig up this cadaver for his administration. Talk about scraping the bottom of the barrel. Actually it is like harvesting the sludge left after the sewage treatment pond.

  18. The body language crowd would have a field day dissecting this unhinged rant. It was also a classic peek behind the curtain that reflects a mindset on ascendency among the bitter, hardcore, radical, feminists that infect the Democrat Party. Once heard, Mrs Rodhsm-Clinton assuredly gave her a thumbs up. Sans audio, and after that finger wagging, most males would only need a 20 second viewing to render a one word description.

  19. Mastromanaco should shut her trap. Like most of dimwits from Obama era she is a treasonous wench that ought to just disappear!

    1. Barry Scotero was not born in this country.
      Someplace in Africa. His father was a Muslim and that makes him one.
      He and that wife fleeced America with their treasonous acts. I’d love to see them jailed forever. They are the most racist and anti semetics on the planet.
      Their friends Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dorn have been their mentors-what does that tell you?
      How did Barry win the peace prize? JOKE

  20. Finally, the REAL face of the obummer progressive liberals. No matter how they try to dress it up for their speeches and TV appearances this is who they really are and what they think of anyone who dares to go against their ideology. Good thing she went to the ministry of truth before hand to get her ideas together prior to making her comments

  21. Bring back cheap gas. With Trump we had under $2.00 a gallon gas. Biden could care less how much gas is. He can afford it, so it’s no issue to him.

  22. I find it amazing that any woman could support the Democrat Party since they have become anti-women and girls with their policies and votes. Supporting women and girls isn’t only supporting abortion (and many females and presumably Democrat voting females are sacrificed by abortion), but by supporting women’s and girl’s choices (not just abortion choices) in careers, sports, etc. That isn’t happening. Democrat women criticism of women who choose to become mothers and wives are criticized, girls and women are forced to share bathrooms, locker rooms, showers, and competive sports with males who now identify as females. Where is the Democrat support for women and girls who have been victims of sexual assault? Nowhere, baby, nowhere. Even Jenner, the current most famous transgender disapproves of men and boys competing in women and girl’s sports since even after having transitioned from male to female, former men still have larger lungs than women and girls have, more muscles than females have since females have an extra layer of fat underneath their skin where males have more muscle under their skin, and the higher testosterone levels former males had before transitioning still keeps the muscles in the arms and hands stronger than those of females. While women criticize men who refer to women by crude, vulgar names, and women’s body parts with crude vulgar names, apparently Democrat women find it acceptable for them to do what they criticize men for doing. Disgusting. Where’s the support for women attaining powerful political positions in government? Nowhere if they choose not to vote along with Democrats in lock step. After all, free thinkers aren’t welcome if they don’t support their party, particularly the Democrat Party. Isn’t being a woman about being able to think for ones’ self, not be forced into following the crowd like sheep? Didn’t women’s liberation used to support women making choices for themselves, not having others make their choices for them? Not today, at least when it comes to the Democrat Party.

  23. So this lady is just echoing words from AOC, Tlaib, Omar, and Pressley in Congress. How is it these fine ladies have all gathered in the gutter at one time? At least Trump used his choice words in private, without the press around, or microphones on. As it should be. No one ever promised that Trump would be a Billy Graham of language use. I guess these “ladies” figure that the language makes them appear tougher, smarter, and better informed. Wrong. They sound vile, crude, and inarticulate. They need to take lessons from Eleanor Roosevelt or Margaret Thatcher, whose voices really were listened to.

  24. Does that unhinged idiot not realized that Joe has flipped on every promise that he made while he was in the process of lying his butt off just to get elected!

  25. Folks, remember what Saul Alinsky wrote in Rules for Radicals: “ridicule is man’s most potent weapon.” That’s why the Democraps use it to crush opposition. When they attack, it’s a strategy, not a sincerity. Psychologist, Abraham Maslow, showed in the Hierarchy of Human Needs that after food, clothing and shelter, the next thing we need is security and after that we need social acceptance. Thus, these attacks are meant to strike us at our most basic needs for both. That’s how they usually shut down opposition. The best defense is to ignore them and let them rant. Another Alkinsky rule is “keep up the pressure; never let down even if you are pushing a negative it will push through and become a positive.” They hounded Trump constantly for years. Now they will be after Sinema and Manchin putting them under pressure meant to get them to cave. If you live in Arizona, call her office and tell her to ignore them, tell her why, and tell her to stand strong. If you live in West Virginia, do the same with Manchin’s office. Do that and you help keep America from falling to the communists.


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