Another House Democrat to Announce He Will Not Seek Re-election

Office of Rep Ted Deutch, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Florida Democrat Ted Deutch is reportedly planning to announce he will not run for re-election. The Florida Democrat’s upcoming announcement will mark the 31st House Democrat to decide not to seek re-election this year.

The Washington Examiner reports:

Deutch currently serves on the House Foreign Affairs Committee and the House Judiciary Committee, and he chairs the House Ethics Committee.

Deutch will take a senior leadership position with the American Jewish Committee. It is unclear whether he will serve the remainder of his term. The Florida Democrat has been one of the leading voices in advocating a strong relationship with Israel during his tenure.

Republicans have argued that the growing number of retirements indicates that Democrats project that they will lose the majority in the midterm elections.

“Ted Deutch knows House Democrats’ majority is doomed so he made the smart decision to forgo reelection,” National Republican Congressional Committee spokesman Mike Berg said in a statement.

The new Florida congressional maps haven’t been finalized but the district is expected to continue to lean blue.

  1. Dammm Demoshits are RUNNING SCARED ALREADY!!!!!!!……Huge election loses coming Democraps way in November…..HUGE BLOODBATH

    1. S­t­a­r­t w­o­r­k­i­n­g f­r­o­m h­o­m­e! G­r­e­a­t w­o­r­k f­o­r-E­v­er, ­S­t­a­y a­t H­o­m­e M­o­m­s O­R a­n­y­o­n­e n­e­e­d­s­ a­n e­x­t­r­a i­n­c­o­m­e. G­e­t s­t­a­r­t­e­d. Y­o­u o­n­l­y n­e­e­d­ a computer a­n­d a reliable c­o­m­p­u­t­e­r c­o­n­n­e­c­t­i­o­n­ s­o d­o­n’t g­e­t l­a­t­e t­r­y……. P­r­o­f­i­t­l­o­f­t­.­g­a

  2. If the dems really think that with Biden in office, the districts will still lean left, I want some of what they are smoking.

    1. The voters are definitely smoking the same thing…. they keep voting for delusion, destruction and the end of freedom in this country

  3. Joe Biden “State Of The Union Address”, Joe’s opening comment. How many ways can I fxxx up the US ecomony as well as the world ecomony? Lets start with my major energy fxxx up”s, killing all energy pipelines, stop any new drilling and making Putin one of the richest mad man on the planet. this way he will have plenty of money for his wars against the US /EUROPE, this should make my friend putin ENERGY KING OF THE WORLD. this was not easy to accomplish , needed the help of many other stupid democrats to have this policy go into effect. After hunter received those millions from Russia had to think of some way to return his gifts.And we promise to be one of Putin’s biggest oil purchasers love joe biden

  4. Many, many KKKRAKAS are running for the hills.
    Even if I was a dem in either house, I would be mortified to have any alliance with old joe.
    They know their fate is doomed.
    I heard today, good old Lisa in Alaska is polling 3rd. Made my day!

  5. If they were actually patriotic and cared for their Country it would be different But they wondered into the realms of self enrichment and greed thanks to being tempted by China

  6. I’m continually amazed how Jewish people continue to be pro-democrat. I know they are smart people but I wonder about their wisdom.


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