Biden Policies Aimed to Target Democratic Voter Turnout

White House [Public Domain]

President Biden has been taking advantage of his presidential powers to help Democrats in the mid-terms. His hope is that calculated executive actions will boost turnout for the party and diminish the Republican attacks on issues like inflation, immigration, and crime. Some say Biden’s actions are particularly targeting young voters who tend to vote for Democrats. Biden wants to make sure this young demographic makes it out to the polls and this is why he recently canceled $20,000 in student debt for borrowers and is pardoning federal marijuana convictions.

Mark Penn, a Democratic pollster and strategist spoke to Fox News saying, “There is no question Biden and Democrats are integrating what they can do in the government with their political midterm message. Biden in particular has such low approval ratings that he had to get out there and do something.” Polls show that both the student loan forgiveness and federal marijuana pardons have been popular among young people.

Penn, who worked in the Clinton White House, says that policies like this are done to make a certain group of people feel as though the president is listening to them and will support them. He stated, “When I worked with President Clinton, we did the same thing. We would put out all the tools ahead of election season and hope to encourage our voters to come out as much as possible.”


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