New Poll Puts Republicans in the Lead

Screenshot from ipsos _10-24-22

A new poll from ABC News/Ipsos revealed that Americans have more trust in Republicans than Democrats on many key issues. These issues include the economy, crime, gas prices, inflation, immigration, and taxes. The polls surveyed 618 registered voters nationwide in a two-day period from October 21st to the 22nd. The survey concluded that 38% of respondents prefer Republicans to be in charge of the House and Senate next year over 24% who want Democrats to remain in charge.

As the economy and inflation continue to become a rising concern for the country, Republicans were thrown the lead among voters on handling these issues. 38% of voters feel Republicans could better handle the economy and inflation.

38% of the surveyed voters also felt Republicans could do a better job at handling gas prices. Which similar to the economy has been a rising issue throughout Biden’s presidency.

37% of voters also gave Republicans the lead on immigration and crime as illegal immigration and crime rates across the country have risen.

Leaving Republicans with a vote of confidence going into the last few weeks of midterm campaigning. If and when the party takes the majority in Congress many leaders have said they have every intention to overhaul quite a few key issues and practices.

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