Paul Ryan’s Fear: ‘Trump Could Win’

Photo edit of former Speaker of the House Paul Ryan: Credit: Alexander J. Williams III/Pop Acta.
Photo edit of former Speaker of the House Paul Ryan: Credit: Alexander J. Williams III/Pop Acta.

During a recent appearance on CNBC’s Squawk Box, former House Speaker Paul Ryan, a known critic of former President Donald Trump and now a non-mainstream voice within the Republican party, declared his apprehension regarding Trump’s potential nomination for the Republican party in 2024. Ryan, who has never hidden his stance against Trump, echoed sentiments that were in line with those of Democrats and Rep. Liz Cheney, not the broader base of the Republican party or its current front-runner for the 2024 election, Donald Trump.

While one might question whether Ryan is truly in tune with the real concerns facing the country under President Joe Biden’s administration, it seems his attention is directed elsewhere. Evidently, he is more focused on a potential Trump presidency than on the pressing issues of economic downturn, cultural division, and a Democrat-controlled legislature.

In aligning his views with those of former Rep. Liz Cheney, Ryan endorses the perception that Trump’s potential return to the White House is some kind of “threat,” a point that resonates with both Neo-Conservatives and Democrats. His support of Cheney’s assertion, often criticized as overly left-leaning and unfounded, demonstrates his deviation from the core of the Republican party.

Ryan points fingers at Trump for past electoral losses in the House, Senate, and Presidency, without acknowledging his own lack of involvement in those battles. He highlights the missed opportunity in the 2022 Senate elections, faulting Trump’s influence. Yet, it’s worth noting that Ryan himself was not a proactive participant in shifting the electoral outcomes in these instances.

Overall, Ryan’s stance seems to reflect a certain degree of dissatisfaction with Trump’s prominence, while much of the Republican base has grown weary of his moderate and mellow approach to pressing issues.

Paul Ryan said:

It is a disaster if we nominate Trump. You know I think that. I have been saying that for a long time. But Liz is right, which is, that he could win. I think we lose with him. I think we are much more likely to lose. We haven’t won with him since he first won in 16. We lost the House in ’18, the presidency in ’20, the Senate in ’20, and we could have won the Senate in 2022 but for him.

I’m for anybody not named Trump right now.”

Adding: “I’m a Never Again Trumper. So, obviously, the 33 percent base doesn’t like a person like me. I’m very clear: I don’t think he’s fit, and I don’t think he could win. Liz is right: he could, and that is dangerous.”

It’s worth noting Paul Ryan’s role as a member of the executive board at Fox News. This connection becomes understandable when we observe their unjust termination of Tucker Carlson, their criticisms aimed at Trump, and their marked favoritism towards moderate candidates and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. It is evident why Trump might contemplate skipping the initial GOP primary debate, given that Fox News is an overtly biased network that is likely to launch strong attacks against him, possibly even surpassing the level of scrutiny he faces from left-wing news networks like MSNBC and CNN.

  1. Paul Ryan’s fear is the same fear as all of America’s enemies have. It is the TDS Democrat Party fear. It’s demented Joe Biden’s fear. It the fear of every Marxist in our government. Wray and Garland and Fauci. It’s the fear of those who thrive on wars between Russia and Ukraine. It’s the fear of the CCP, North Korea, Russia and every dictatorship and globalist on the planet. It’s Bill Gates fear and Zuckerberg’s fear. It’s the fear of racists CRT and Transgender radical activists. It’s the fear of every Anti-American radical extremist and the MSM.

    Yet for our country and everyone who loves freedom and liberty and our Constitution and the rule of law. It is our salvation. It is the salvation of patents to demand that public schools respect their beliefs and values. It is the salvation of the nations energy resources and our economy. It is the salvation of every rational God fearing human being that yearns for a government that is not against them but for them. May God protect President Trump and may he be elected once again to his rightful place as a servant of the people and not government tyranny.

    1. Paul Ryan is like many sheep clothed wolves—a Democrat Socialist RINO New World Order BUSH traitor to the average American Conservative Patriot. Just My humble opinion as an American born in 1946–before the communist set up the United Nations One World Government—Gary

  2. ryan was the speaker who insured that the Trump Presidency would be corrupted by the establishment in the dc-swamp. he should never be position of power when he knew the tDs-party plan in 2015 and helped it happen. ryan along with pelosi proved to be the worst speakers in house history.

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    1. Hookers need not apply–especially if You are really a dude using the image of a woman—in my opinion that is exactly what and who you are–Gary

  4. I am a big time GOP supporter…….and Ryan is the biggest RINO of all! Every word you wrote is true. Biden must lose if it ever comes to the election!

    1. Just like the entire Bush family—and the traitor of all inmates in the Hanoi Hilton : McSTAIN. My opinion , Gary

  5. Paul Ryan, get over whatever is keeping you
    from supporting the “best” President in my
    lifetime. You RINOS are so jealous of all of his
    accomplishments and his popularity! Just remember all of you RINOS benefited from his 4 years as president
    as did we “common folk”! He really cares
    about us “common folk”. TRUMP ‘24 🙏

    1. Long live the best President since Ronald R. who was betrayed by BUSH much in the same way as L.B.J. betrayed “anti-forever war” John F. Kennedy. In my opinion L.B.J. knew about the assassination of J.F.K. !

  6. Sure they are all afraid. They know when President Trump comes back. they will all go to jail, which they all deserve, and all their wealth taken from them.

  7. My all RINOs switch to the democrat party and join all the INTERNATIONALISTS —like the entire Biden Family that SOLD OUT Americans to the communist Chinese –No BORDER—We buy Oil from communists when We have a 300 Year supply–My opinion as an American born here. China is a country filled with slaves all because of 10% of the population —Communists and Socialists are bedfellows.


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