John Kerry CAUGHT Lying Over and Over Again in Speech

U.S. Department of State from United States / Public domain

Former Secretary of State John Kerry was caught in a series of lies in a speech he gave to the Democrat National Convention. Kerry lied about numerous things including the President during his speech, these ranged from the Obama Administration’s accomplishments to the current state of the country. More from the Washington Free Beacon:

Former secretary of state John Kerry pushed several false narratives about the Obama administration during his remarks this week before the Democratic National Convention, including the claim that President Obama eliminated the threat of an Iranian nuclear weapon.

Kerry accused President Donald Trump of abandoning America’s allies and sowing discord across the globe, particularly in the contentious Middle East region. Unmentioned was Trump’s landmark effort to broker peace between Israel and the United Arab Emirates, a move widely seen as significantly boosting regional security.

“For the eight years of the Obama-Biden administration, we led by example,” Kerry said. “We eliminated the threat of an Iran with a nuclear weapon. We built a 68-nation coalition to destroy ISIS. We forged a 195-nation agreement to attack climate change. We stopped Ebola before it became a pandemic.”

Trump, he added, “breaks up with our allies and writes love letters to dictators.”

Many experts came forward to debunk these claims and the media refuses to even acknowledge the most glaring misrepresentations. There will always be lies told in politics and with 2020 in full swing there will be many more in the coming weeks.

    1. If globalist $oro$ puppets; democrat criminal party and rino criminal party and fbi criminal organisation and globalist media don’t lie then they don’t receive bribes from globalist $oro$ .

    1. what else would you expect from a guy who got a splinter in his finger and then put himself in for a Purple Heart Award?

  1. In reality all globalist $oro$ puppet barry soetoro and globalist $oro$ puppet hiLIAR did was create and fund and train and supply weapons to isis .

  2. Horse face, who served in Vietnam, is a well known Liar and we don’t believe anything he ever says! He lives off the wife’s money and has never accomplished anything Real in his life!!

  3. I disagree. Kerry is incapable of lying. You are not a liar when you do not know what the truth is. Unfortunately, Kerry has been all but functionally brain dead since Viet Nam. His most notable achievements in life have been to con his way into the beds of rich heiresses.

  4. What’s the bid deal?? Hillary has been ‘bending’ the truth (lying) for years. Why would you expect her to change???

    1. HILDABEAST and HILLARY RODHAM aka HILLARY CLINTON was it married to SLICK WILY BILLY CLINTON when their BUTT UGLY FACE daughter Chelsea was BORN. Seriously Hildabeast did not want to marry SLICK WILY BILLY. But if she going anyplace she had to marry SLICK WILY.

    1. Absolutely correct since he did, as a civilian, go to Iran to undermine the current administration’s policies by asking them to ignore President Trump’s action of removing us from the Iran deal. His action was blatantly illegal and I will never understand why he was not prosecuted for it.

      1. He’s the UNs water boy to put nicely…when has this elitist, communist puppet ever been for the US? Tried very hard selling out our sovereignty….remember also, his kid in China with Biden’s …

  5. It would be a act of God for a demonrat to tell the truth, for Satan has control of these lying, stealing, cheaters.

  6. The ability to lie is what sets Kerry apart from others. When climbing the dumbocraptic political ladder.

    1. Merry was a WELL KNOWN HABITUAL LIAR in VIETNAM. He should have been Stripped of his VETERANS STATUS. He never ever told the is along with his B____ ! HANOI JANE and Jane Fonda.

  7. Obamalama ended the threat of Iran. Bwahahahahahah. What a laugh. The only thing he did with Iran is send them Millions of OUR Tax Payer dollars. Kerry couldn’t find his way out of the bathroom without help. Please. I don’t know who was feeding him that speech through an ear piece but they made him one of the biggest LIARS of the Demoncrap party.

    1. He’s the communist elite UN/CFR/Anti-America puppet who once declared the people are too stupid to “rule” themselves and after called out on, changed to govern. He’s Hitlery’s counterpart, imo, they think in terms of they’re the czars… everyone else the lowly, ignorant serfs I believe. He has never been “for America” in my opinion, but done all in power to undermine us as a free, sovereign nation.

  8. I hate to have to be the one to tell you, but that isn’t proper English clambrain. “she prescribed me to attempt it”?????? ROTFL. Give it up and take your broken English to some other website.

    1. Nancy,
      A person has to actually live in America for a while to master the language – like any other country.
      Out of curiosity, did you check out this “guy’s” website? I am kind of afraid to try it for fear of some Pakistani virus, more serious than the Communist Chinese virus.

  9. The DERANGED DEPLORABLE LOWLIFE HABITUAL LIAR did the same CRAP when Pres.Bush was running for President. His and his Girlfriend Jane Fonda ( Hanoi Jane ) did it go get BARRY PARK aka BROCK HUSSAIN OBAMA aka O’ BUTTHEAD into Office. With their BUTT UGLY FACE ‘S in front of the Camera 📷 📷📷📷 they Boldface Lie to get their HATEUL SPEW on the Air. Harry John Kerry
    Seriously would not know what the TRUTH is. He said he was in HANOI VIETNAM while in a boat on the HANOI RIVER LYING up a storm and none of it was True.


  11. John Kerry the Vietnam trai9tor, don’t understand why this piece of crap isn’t in prison for treason for confiding with the enemy back during Vietnam war let alone what he has done since like negotiating with Iran and trying to undercut the President. How he ever got into any kind of government office is beyond belief, someone please put this treasonous ass sucker in a cage somewhere preferably in the middle of a jungle in Southeast Asia

  12. John “LURCH” Kerry has told so many lies that no one would believe him if he actually
    told the truth for once in his life. His head was so far up O’Kenya boys backside that
    he hasn’t seen the light of day in a very long time and would probably explode if he ever
    did have to admit the truth that he was and still is a total failure in every thing he has done.

  13. Kerry is insane like all DemonRatz, they are all suffering from TDS !!!!!! It’s real and it’s as bad as the Corona Virus except there is no vaccine

    1. Very true, Dems have hated Our President & those of us who voted for him, they have no sense of reality. Some are still living in 2016 talking about Trump & the Russians making him President! Oh my, their TDS has went to full blown mental illness and you don’t have to be a Doctor to recognize it!! The Dems & their good buddies in China who created this virus should be our lab rats for experiments for the vaccine!!!

  14. The extreme LEFT that currently dominates the Democrat party and is responsible for making it the most odious political organization on the planet…wouldn’t know the truth if it bit itself hard on their collective posteriors. They pride themselves in deception to the point that they have completely deceived themselves. Their cup of hypocrisy overflows and they are the only ones that cannot see it. Saul Alinsky the political anarchist whom both HRC and Obama adore, dedicated his book: Rules for Radicals to his own personal spiritual mentor: Satan. Satan the name means “Accuser” and the Son of God proclaimed Satan to be the “Father of LIes.” Think of all the unfounded accusations which the Democrats and the MSM have leveled against the President. Think about how they refuse to acknowledge their own deceptions even when other sources reveal the truth and without shame continue their own hate filled anti-Trump agendas. This is a distraction from their true goal. The lawless destruction of the United States of America and the establishment of a Marxist/Communist State in its place.

  15. kerry lied about his military service and has been lying ever since. That is the only thing he is good at — oh yeah — except kissing Hanoi jane’s skanky butt.

  16. Yeah, their lips are moving again.
    If they weren’t lying, they wouldn’t have anything to say at all.
    So, again, we need a truly FREE and open national media that people can tune into every night, or buy on the news stand. I know there are people out there who can fund a start-up and the rest of us patriotic Americans will then invest.
    Without this, we will lose eventually!

  17. John Kerry promised Iran that Biden would win and all things will go back to previous deal. Biden will not win and Iran will tell the truth on Kerry, Obama and Biden in order to deal with President Trump. Kerry knows this and will lie about EVERYTHING. He is petrified.

  18. John Kerry actually had the nerve to talk about Obama’s “efforts” against ISIS? His rules of engagement made soldiers wait to be fired upon before they could fire on the enemy. How can you win a war like that? You can’t. Trump changed the rules of engagement and he was successful in defeating ISIS. Kerry knows this of course, but, as with most Dems, he has no problem with lying.

  19. John Kerry’s cowardly Vietnam Service was equal to that of John McCain & Jane Fonda. Anything this POS Talks its a lie, in fact if his lips are moving he’s lying.


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