Pennsylvania Voters Seek to Flip Vote for Trump

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Some people are experiencing voter remorse. Individuals who cast early ballots for Biden are having regrets and want to flip their vote for Trump before the end of the election. After the final presidential debate “can I change my vote” began trending online once voters learned more about Biden’s plans to raise taxes and destroy the oil industry. Activist group, Bikers for Trump, is working to help give people the opportunity to flip their votes.

According to Yahoo Finance:

While Pennsylvania law is unclear on the process, Bikers for Trump has retained local counsel and begun a massive statewide ad blitz to encourage early voters who want to switch to contact them – via their website Voters who check in on the page will be contacted by counsel to help defend their right to vote for their preferred candidate.

“This isn’t hard,” explained Chris Cox, Founder of Bikers for Trump. “The early votes received in each county don’t get counted until Election Day and are still inside the voters’ identifying envelope. A voter that presents valid ID should be allowed to rescind their prior vote and destroy it inside the envelope, and then that voter can cast a new vote – for Donald Trump!”

“Biden will kill fracking, kill oil, raise taxes, and allow our great cities like Philadelphia to burn,” Cox continued. “While some gave him the benefit of the doubt before, it is obvious now where he really stands – and it is not with Pennsylvania.

“Pennsylvania election law is silent about the right of Early voters to rescind their earlier vote and cast a new one,” explained Dan Backer, National Counsel to Bikers for Trump. “Voters are demanding to recast their ballots, and Pennsylvania must allow this opportunity – even if it means allowing voters on Election Day and spoiling the early vote from individuals wishing to switch. We’ve retained local counsel and will vigorously pursue the right of Americans to vote for who they want.”

If you are from Pennsylvania seeking to flip your vote for Trump CLICK HERE.

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Flip your vote, Trump 2020

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