Talk Show Host ‘Charlamagne the God’ Rips Biden For Claiming Trump Is First Racist President

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Popular African American talk show host ‘Charlamagne the God’ slammed Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden for claiming that President Trump was the first ‘racist’ to be elected President.

Charlamagne declared Biden his ‘donkey of the day’ for the bizarre remarks.

As Fox News reports:

“The Breakfast Club” radio host Charlamagne Tha God blasted former Vice President Joe Biden for calling President Trump the “first” racist president to be elected…

“I really wish Joe Biden would shut the eff up forever and continue to act like he’s starring in the movie ‘A Quiet Place’ because as soon as he opens his mouth and makes noise, he gets us all killed, OK?” the radio host said. “There’s already so many people who are reluctantly only voting for Joe Biden because he’s the only option and because Donald J. Trump is that trash.”

Charlamagne then cited polling that showed a wide enthusiasm gap between Biden and Trump, noting that it’s “not good” for the Democrat to be lacking excitement among his voters, and suggested Biden’s latest remarks will further contribute to the “lack of enthusiasm.”..

The “Breakfast Club” co-host accused Biden of “revisionist history,” calling his claim about Trump “a lie” that “relinquishes America of all responsibility of its bigotry.”

The bizarre comments from Biden come as many continue to question whether he is mentally deteriorating.



Help President Trump Stop Joe Biden [ACT NOW]

  1. I’m not sure after reading that article if the guy is for Biden and trying to give him advice or if he is criticizing Biden and is for Trump. Any comments would be appreciated. LOL

    1. He’s definitely for the Dim Party. He interviewed Quid Pro Joe a while back, and Weak Joe said to him that if he votes for Trump “he aint’ black.” So Creepy Joe keeps saying stupid and creepy things and this “tha god” person wants him to shut up so the people will vote for him. It’s very convoluted but suffice it to say that the racist Breakfast Club idjit is a Dim.

  2. Honestly, I am blown away by how many people are standing by a sick man. I am an independent voter, and I watch both sides of the playing field. No one know what Biden stands for, except some meds and a nap. I want a zoom debate or something, but my gut says that at the DNC, it will be announced that it will be an HRC/Kasich ticket. BLM are marxists and people celebrate that??? Cities burnt down, people killed, police cannot provide the service they took an oath to defend??? Our past time sports have been corrupted, reparations for those who were never slaves and paid for those who never owned slaves….higher taxes, all men bad, white people bad, blacks parading kids in the street with F police signs??? I might want to move to Hong Kong, they love America! Please, please hold a 1 day-one way free ticket event, flying out of Dulles Airport to all those who hate America. Anywhere in the world outside America. They just have to give up their citizenship. Start the GoFundMe page and watch it explode.

  3. A vote for Biden is going to be many people’s most embarrassing move of their lives if he actually wins!

  4. Just so long as that enthusiasm gap translates into crossover votes and/or would-be donkey voters staying home in disgust.

    Not convinced? Take a look at BIDENS “new green deal”

  6. Biden is not functioning brain cell and is coachedby his Marxist handlers. His wif is near to wipe up the drool. It has been well established that Johnson wa a well established racist. Before him there were several others. In addition, Biden has made many racist remarks and his legislation putting mostly blacks in jail for decades for minor non violent crimes. He bragged about it and took pride in this terrible racist bill. It was Trump that stopped it and let them out, not the 8 years under Obama and Biden.

  7. Deteriorating? He’s already deteriorated. Make him take the cognition test that Trump takes every year.

  8. Creepy Joe has been an open segregationist since the start of his career. Now he shows his outright racism with telling blacks that if they don’t vote for him they are not black. Then he just came up with the Korean, Chinese comparison saying that most Americans couldn’t tell the difference between the 2 so we shouldn’t blame the Chinese for the Wuhan Virus. His latest Creepy comment about nurses at Walter Reed breathing into his nostrils to wake him up, goes right up to the disgusting range. That, and liking to have young boys sit in his lap and play with his leg hair shows us one very Creepy guy that almost 1/2 of the country deserves to be president. The though of this dementia ridden pervert in the White House sends shivers down my spine.

  9. Hey everyone… more good news:
    Washington Post settles $250M suit with Covington teen Nick Sandmann – New York Post
    11 hours ago · Nick Sandmann declared the victory in a tweet on his 18th birthday. It’s unclear how much the newspaper settled for.
    2 down 6 more to go!!!!
    Savanna Guthrie and NBC next in the cross hairs!!
    Go Nick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Nick! Bring them all to their knees and then kick them while they are down like they tried to do to you, bury them all. They are all pieces of s$$t. Good luck kid.

  10. Hey Charlamagne, instead of continuing to give Biden more and more air time to become the guy you hoped he was and isn’t, why not join us in backing a candidate who is what we need. Start giving him the air time to show what he has done for blacks, Hispanics and everyone else and get the word out that there is a better choice than government handouts that have kept you shackled long after slavery ended. It really is time you keep from doing what you have done for years that never works and give something else a shot to see if your lives improve.

  11. I challenge every American to define RACIST. We could basically all be RACISTS based on how this term is used today. If for any reason you do not agree with the Socialists, the “Never Trumpers”, and Mainstream Media you must be a RACIST. If you do not see the rioters as legal protesters you must be a RACIST. Trying to define every White or light skinned individual in America as a born RACIST because it is in their DNA is pure stupidity. If you side with this false narrative then you become Political Correct, thus making you socially acceptable. Where does it state in our US Constitution we can not disagree with our fellow American citizens? Am I required to accept the dogma of the mob? The whole concept of a our US Constitution Republic is based on our freedoms as US Citizens. These freedoms are clearly stated in our US Constitution for one reason: To prevent government from infringing upon these stated freedoms. I am old enough to remember when Socialists and Islam was consider a threat to our Republic. Now in our “awoke society” we have to accept any narrative, even if is a narrative that destroy our US Constitutional Republic. Our Founding Fathers knew that the the new nation formed on the concept of individual rights was a experiment in freedom. This is why they gave us our US Constitution and made it clear that the rights in this constitution were rights given to mankind from our Creator. A bold experiment indeed. To give the people a voice in their government was virtually unheard of around the globe. If the Socialists and Islamic Idealism is accepted by those who value their freedoms, then the experiment will end; thus making the US like any other nation on the globe. “one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all” will end. The word United is in our nation’s name for a reason. The Founding Fathers of our nation knew that in order for our US Constitution and Rule of Law to work the nation had to be united for it to work. A divided nation can not stand. It saddens me, as a US Citizen, to think that my generation may be the first generation to make Socialism in America possible. The first generation to accept the ideals of Islamic Shariah Law possible in America. Two concepts that are not even close to accepting the wording of our US Constitution. The Lawmakers of a free nation can claim they will pledge to uphold their Oath of Office knowing in truth they will not. If they can live a lie they could care less about why we have our constitution. Power and greed is the only truth that they need. If you listen to Nancy Pelosi and all the Socialist minded lawmakers you would think they were Socialists all their lives, but in fact they once truly complied with our US Constitution. It took a Outsider to threaten their Establishment Politics. Now the only way to take back our government and their total control of government is to give the nation a narrative that will destroy everything good in America. A nation in turmoil with Racial division and riots and deaths on our streets with a virus that they can use politically to divide us even more. If Joe Biden should win(or any Democrat) it will be the icing on the political cake. We will have a Old White person of privilege who actually worked to restrict Blacks in his past without a mind of his own leading a nation so divided it may never be united again. How does the United Socialist States of America sound to YOU?


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