Final Presidential Debate Topics Revealed

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The next presidential debate between President Trump and Democrat candidate Joe Biden is set to air this Thursday at 9 p.m. E.T from Belmont University in Nashville, TN. This is the first in-person debate between the two since the second debate was canceled due to Coronavirus concerns after President Trump tested positive. However, the Trump campaign is not pleased with Welker’s selection of topics and is formally writing to the Commission to reconsider.

The Commission for Presidential Debates has officially unveiled the topics for this week’s event ranging from COVID-19 to national security. Take a look at the topics Kristen Welker selected and what Trump wants to change :

  1. why Do questions have to be revealed prior to the debate? This is worse than Hillary being given the questions by Brassile before the debate so she could prepare her answers . I think the voters would prefer an unscripted debate, in order that the candidates would show how they would act under fire.

    1. Whattt??? Are you attempting to get a fair and impartial debate? I am pretty sure those are now against the RULES.

    2. Un-rehearsed always reveals the Truthfulness of the person who would be speaking! The able minds awlays know what subject that question….. the knowing minds awlays know what is where……

        1. IF he is not actually giving the questions and answers in advance, his handlers can easily deduce from the given topics no more than five or six probable questions. Of course, Trump’s team can do the same. However, if Biden knows the specific question to prepare for, then he has more time to prepare and practice his answer.
          You can bet this is a setup scam by the Dems.

  2. Never has my whole family been so disgusted with our entire voting scam. This year truly showcases just how far our democracy (?) has fallen!

  3. Another round of BS questions for Biden and President Trump gets hammered by a Left WIng Minion ! These have not been debates ! The Election Commission is a bunch of Dog Crap !

  4. It is to help that brain dead Biden . he can’t work on the fly he must be tutored and told what to do. Pelosi must have time to bend over and feed him. This their way of starting their communist control over America. That’s what happens when parents stop loving their kids. The let the world turn communist and vote for a worthless crook like Biden

      1. Yes, this is why they are being given the questions in advance, so they can program him to get close to saying something coherent.

  5. No Shit! Why is there not two moderators? One that is approved by Bidens team and one that is approved by Trump’s team. Do this for EVERY debate!! Let Biden pick his moderator and then let Trump pick his. Biden can pick one of the ultra liberals that are being picked for debates but then Trump can pick Hannity, or Levin, or Ingram.

    1. Yes, that has been my concern from Initial debate and why are all of these moderators known Democrats? If you are going to have a debate why is the moderator asking questions and then arguing or debating the candidates. Ask a question and then let each candidate answer for a specific time limit like 2-3 minutes. There has not been an impartial debate or town hall and obvious Democrats asking the more probing questions to Trump and Pence. Just another example of corrupt Democrats trying to take control us and our votes.
      I just hope and pray Trump wins again, so we can go back and help him drain the swamp.

      1. Moderators should be agreed upon by both participants. Topics only should be published. Questions should be asked then the moderator should shut the BLANK up!!!!!!!!!!!!@

  6. Why is NBC/Fake News/Democrat being allowed to pick the topics and why are they being given the questions in advance–Stupid! President Trump has already debated 4 democrats maybe Jim Jordan should be the moderator. This is just another setup to get Trump. 2 to 1, Democrat fun. They also made sure they get a vile Black so if the President gets tough they can hollar racist. Trump should walk away if changes are not implemented.

  7. What a nightmare, they will protect basement joe to the bitter end. The end will come when Trump is reelected by a landslide & we can watch the lying media lose their minds.

  8. It’s not a political “debate” unless the moderator is impartial (or at least professional) and has brought a hefty gavel and a thick slab of marble. Besides attracting attention, no human voice can compete with that sound, and you look very foolish trying to.

  9. Every so-called debate is totally rigged to suppress President Trump’s ability to expose the crooked fraud that the DemRat party and their candidates are. To hell with the commission. Use every two minute segment to say what you want said. Forget their snowflake questions.

  10. it is time to ignore the moderators and commission

    stop playing on dem home field, trump is the potus

    economy and taxes
    law and order
    foreign policy, and how to punish china

    those are the issues

  11. This entire process is disgusting!!!! Isn’t part of the debate process having the topics secret so that the debaters have to answer on their feet rather than a prepared statement? This entire debate situation is set up against our Great President!!

  12. We aren’t surprised. The Dems are already setting things up to davor Biden as much as possible. Trump should demand the changes, or walk away from the obvious scam.


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