A Detailed Breakdown of Biden’s Gun Control Push

White House [Public Domain]

The Biden administration has started a massive gun control push and is looking to get as many measures through as possible before the expected losses in November.

The administration has put forward several new guidelines for the Department of Justice in regards to unserialized firearms as well as some new rules regarding split receiver firearms, like AR-15s. 

Biden has also selected a new nominee for the ATF after the collapse of David Chipman’s nomination. 

Here is everything in the new Biden gun control push:

  1. Has the NAGR, the NRA, or any other 2nd Amendment organization sued Biden and filed for permanent restraining orders or other legal moves to “break the back” of biden’s executive order permanently? Anything less than court filings is negligence. Americans already realize biden is the king of negligence!

  2. Biden wants us to go cashless which would make purchases only by card. If your bank is told by the Feds not to let an item be purchased and they follow, you have NO CONTROL OF WHAT YOU CAN BUY=GUNS-AMMO-ECT. DON’T NEED THE 2ND AMENDMENT ANYMORE!!


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